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Grandmaster Flash The Message HQ How can you honestly say mumble rapping and trap rap is better than this?
Those old good times.
San Andreas
" All My Friends Are Dead, Push Me To The Edge"
3k people were stabbed by broken glass
best hip hop tune of all time...even remember the lyrics near 20 years ago!.....legend
Kids here in england related to this also not just the americans and thats the power of hip-hop
Rap ain't the same these days depends on the artist good song
Filthy Frank probably masturbated to this comments section
Cancerous comments lol how ignorant some people are smh
sebastian stan brought me here
This will b a message 4ever.So gooooood.
Beat is sick asf
Ice Cube - Check Yourself
I've heard this in atleast 4 different songs
This is when hip hop was actually GOOD! Not like today's Shit rap music
Gta san andreas
Who is still watching this video in 2047?
25 million views for an absolute rap legend and shitty mumble rappers get 400million views for bad and boujee how fucked is that
When democrats run your city for decades