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Grandmaster Flash The Message HQ The last section is the best "message" I ever heard a rap artist try to deliver to young black youth....
After all these years, I still love this song. I wish that the radio stations would ;play this song unedited. The message is still important and relevant today despite what is happening in NYC and America. No glamourizing Thug life, these guys are warning you to STAY AWAY FROM IT because it has consequences.
wow "fag hag"
The famous song 2017 😎😍
The best of Grandmaster. beautifullllllll. is good. superrrrrrrrr
Back in the day when rappers actually had something relevant to say instead of a load of teenage wannabe gangsta posturing, misogyny and general BS that we have today.
Still the most important song ever recorded in hip hop history.
people need to listen to this and Tupac change
Gta San andreas
Paying cash and buying all 80's Rap tapes and old school mixtapes call or text Marvin 919-230-4639. Thanks.
Love this song
This song is forever even the new generations like
Anthony Kiedis mentioned this song in his book, scar tissue. It's a pretty badass song.
It is the young that fall
It seems like it happens to them all
This is our legacy
Girls tripping on Teen Pregnancy
What make and model was that light blue car in 0:25
GTA Vice City uuuulll
i wish these kids were like "Style wars brought me here"
this rap song really has "the message"
Ice cube, he stole your bit!!!