Guns N' Roses - Estranged

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Guns N' Roses - Estranged

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Guns N' Roses - Estranged My youth!
The best song of Guns
A melhor canção do Guns 'n Roses
Y pensar que con este tema conocí a mi novia, que hoy es mi mujer. En un bar donde solo se pasaba buena música (este tipo de música). Las boludeces que hacia para que por lo menos me mire! :P. Que lo pario jaja, pero bue, mal no me fue jaja, Saludos desde Argentina
esse final...
What a epic fucking video
18 11 2017
Did anyone notice he wore a charles manson shirt
Criminally underrated.
This songnis better than therapy, its been 5 years and Im still not over him, but hey, maybe Ill getnit right next time..
To brandig the love of My life
6:13 that solo is so beautiful.
One of the most expensive music videos ever
Vrh ste...
Ya know Axl is the best song writer of all time!
Guns n roses Best legend👍👍👍
This song can evoke some feelings & memories!
abortion is sad..i mean what if amazing people liek axl rosethat happened to..heard he came from that background..people shouldn't think a tough situation is end of it all..can be got thru and good come from it and life can go on..even though us women probably know how embarassingly horrible beyond belief feels to be stranded with no spouse..i mean the feeling like sinner thing i can relate to when men talk you into getting involved too soon..but wishing things turned out happier in right order where the sin wouldn't have jinxed it all to not last sadly
Axl and GN'R at it's best
Alguem da turma 15 aqui kskskssksksk