Halsey - Colors

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Halsey - Colors

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Halsey - Colors 2018?
I love this song!!
God I wish Halsey would marry me
he does have a dilf thing going ngl
I don’t support pedophilla
This is my all time favorite song
"I'm only dating you to get closer to your day."

This chick is wild.
Como eu amo essa música aaaaa
Scott Mccall ❤
plz back to your old hair ❤
Blue cheese?? O_O
Havana or not
I watched this 100 times
Halsey could be fucking 11/10 if she kept the hair she has in this video, but I guess regardless of what hairstyle she has she's still very good looking.
I still like blondes way more, though.
I like her intention to love that old man and the vintage feeling of this song... blue blossom love
the first time i watched this i thought she was taking pictures of tyler
I front Becon Wills