Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad)

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Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad)

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Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad) Thank you everybody for coming here :) Last year was a roller coaster since this video got more views than I could ever imagine, then there was a plot twist and this channel was on the edge of being deleted completely due to copyright issues. In the end it was saved and after a period of not being able to uploading any new material at all, I am back uploading new stuff. I want to thank everybody for coming here, watching the video, taking the time to comment and above all for all your support. A big thank you to every and each one of you. I wish all your dreams to come true in 2019. Happy holidays from Greece :)
le film suicide squad trop bien couple souder Harley quinn et le joker ferait nimporte quoi pour l'autre dommage quon voit ça que dans les film
When Joker texts Harley..I'm coming for you...👌😘
Спасибо подрочил на нее
Wow that songs 🔥 🔥
Thank you.
OMG this is so cool did you get money from this video? I'm totally not angry or coming at you I wanna know cuz it's so cool cuz you got so many views I genuinely want to know
I love Harley

👌👌Neck you're self
2019 ANYONE?

🔫 😎 🍸
Love this song video reminds me of daughter she love harely she got a beautiful voice I know she can sing this song I tell her to try it
Harley Quinn ist voll cool bitte gib mir like **
Girl yes
What's the film name
I loved Harley in this movie but I need her without the joker
i love your song
Amor da minha vida Arlequina 😍❤❤