Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad)

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Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad)

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Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad) Thank you everybody for coming here :) Last year was a roller coaster since this video got more views than I could ever imagine, then there was a plot twist and this channel was on the edge of being deleted completely due to copyright issues. In the end it was saved and after a period of not being able to uploading any new material at all, I am back uploading new stuff. I want to thank everybody for coming here, watching the video, taking the time to comment and above all for all your support. A big thank you to every and each one of you. I wish all your dreams to come true in 2019. Happy holidays from Greece :)
Μπραβο τελειο βίντεο 🎥
She owns my right hand and my third leg
Tak teraz sobie sram i słucham, takie cudowne uczucie jak bym srał byłej na twarz ale wy pewnie macie to w dupie zresztą jak i ja xD
2019 yeet
I LOVE harly
Omg omg make this on my YouTube account I'ma tell every one subscribe to her
Me gusta la película mucho
Hola Loanna koliofoti que bonita musica me llamo la tencion saludos
3049 ????
She is awesome!
Vampire The Masquerade.
harley quinn the baddest ride or die bitch around. joker/harley remind me a lot of bonnie and clyde. Would love to find a woman like that
Fu bh jk I like iy
I guess I'm a little crazy I love this music video lol
This song just fits Harley💖💖💖