Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad)

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Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad)

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Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad) Update: Bad news. I am sorry :( Another one of my videos was taken down today. So I got 3 videos down within a month and I got a notice from YouTube that they are going to delete my channel in 7 days with its entire content. So it's a countdown for this video collection. Feel free to download or make any copies from the videos that you wish. Thank you for your time, love and comments, you put a smile on my face again and again and even if this channel dissapear into oblivion I will always treassure that :) Thank you :)
Love it

She had to learn how to breathe for Five minutes the scene where she was under water
Eu amo a arlegina
The main character is Harley, Joker is already preparing baby clothes for their baby xD
This romance was so cute they always have to split those 2 up. 😞
I love Harley Quinn
Buuu şarkıyı çok seviyorum
i love suicide squad
thank you for the video you created
i like this song because i love to watch suicide squad
What the heck is this shit?????? TELL ME PLEASE!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
WTF is this shit
I love this song🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤❤❤
this song discribes me the most and Harley Quinn discribes me the most to
Trop coolllll
I filmed this myself
excuse you haRley