Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Audio)

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Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Audio)

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Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Audio) Riverdale <3
I dislike 1D and most of their solo songs, but this one is actually really nice
Tbh I'm verry Happy to see people recognized Harry's talent. But I'm very sad a lot of can't praise him without dragging the other members of 1D 😢...

How ironic : Harry is so kind but his solos stans are the worst 😷 (not all but most of them I saw are like this unfortunately)
Remember when some people here used to bash Harry 'cause he froms 1D and then they're the first to praise him...
This song fits Weirdmageddon (Gravity Falls) and Dunkirk (Christopher Nolan movie, Styles had a role) really well.
Justin b. she is the wrost singer . listening to your ex's screams is better than JB's songs (reply if you agree
I'm 48 and i have a niece who is 15 yo. When she was about 10 she was really a one direction fan and I was quite mocking her (not that much i thought well it's music for young girls like her, why not). I heard this song on the radio not knowing who the singer was and thought this song is incredibly good. Guess who's mocking who now ?
"Stop your crying baby it will be alright" he is literally talking to me. Im historical right now.
il a une tres belle voix et beau gosse en plus
i love you harry 😍😍
I have a cover of this song on my channel, if you want you can come and see it, thank you very much!🌸
Bird if your listening I hope your around.. because we miss you..☝☝☝🙏🙏
Stop!!! I’m here melting at 10:30pm. SOS
4:00 im died
the water moves? :O
cómo llegar al cielo