Heart - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You

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Heart - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You

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Heart - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You Thumbs up if you wanna make love with me
Leah Nicole Namer l miss you.
Man loved the hotel so much, he worked there afterwards XD
@ 3:23 What is that sound??? "Ph#^$*#@(%lease!!!" ???
Can't get enough of Nancy Wilson. She melted my heart in the 80's and still does today. What a vixen.
Interesting interpretation of the lyrics. My take is a little different. She isn’t out for his sperm. She’s driving home from work hence she knows the hotel...She drives past the guy who clearly needs a lift. She is attracted to him and she isn’t sure if it’s love at first sight, so clearly she isn’t just after a baby. They feel chemistry and lust, so they stop at the hotel she drives by everyday. The night is magical, partially because they are strangers. No expectations, no judgment, no resentment. The next morning she feels bad for having had a one night stand, while at the same realizing that the moment could never be recreated. They will never be strangers again. She wants to hold to that memory forever, so she HAS to leave. Later she realizes she got pregnant. With no way of contacting the baby daddy she moves on and gets married. Her new husband isn’t impotent or infertile. He just can’t give her that magic she had that night. For all we know she could have more kids with him. When she runs into her old lover with that guys baby, it’s too late. But they always have that moment and that memory from when they were strangers.
This is my true story
Heart Used to be a great band, but while we were out fighting for our country, they were just livin the good life and getting FAT, Seeing this vid Makes me SICK FAT PIG!
Ann and Nancy,you're two living dolls to this day!
<3 and i can sing like the queen of hearts to this day & i'm old
What year did this come out ?
**hell yaaa...1 of the BEST song ever..😊
Yeah, my husband couldn't give me a child so I'll find a sucker to impregnate me. Yeah, but baby its cold outside us the rapey song.....
"So many times... EASILY!!!" LOL 😜
Aahhhh the memories! I was in high school when this song hit the air waves.
He's so hot 😍
Unfair, CLYDE.
Two thumbs up and shake it while listening this 2018 haha