Heart - Alone

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Heart - Alone

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Heart - Alone Homo biisi
* ♥ Me encanto tu vídeos muchos besitos love you ♥!
Oooooh MAMMA !!!
And this is a love song
This is my dads most favorite songs
2:28 that kiss
I was so in love   !!!
Bless 80s music glad be kid then
so sad she was judge by her body type!
Linda música, quando escuto lembro da minha infância
The best decade of all time 80's.....................
Hoje a Noite <3
the time passes, but this great music still in our feelings.
Alone songs. Who's better??? : Marshmello or Alan Walker or Heart
Bellissimo video!! Meraviglioso!
Forgot how talented and GORGEOUS they are :)
Hair, lots of hair! But also great music.
What's the name of the actress who played the woman in this video? And the actor looks like that guy from Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Hunter