Heart - Alone

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Heart - Alone

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Heart - Alone 80's and 90's real music
Es la mejor música y me hace a acordar cuando iba al secundario Es super romántica !!!!!!!
There's a hint of Benny/Bjorn in the verses. :)
Nancy is a guitar goddess, but I want Ann
Anyone else brought here by Sam Tsui?? #TsuiTuesday
Ann And Nancy were so hot back then, Nancy still is.
hate todays music to hell...wish I couldve been 20 in the 80s :(
who's listen it now
Watching this after seeing the Sam Tsui cover a few minutes ago. <3
Blonde is having a love affair with guitar! Great
Sam Tsui brouoght me here
Who came from Sam Tsui??
อยู่คนเดียว อโลน ( Alone ) น่าฟัง
great group.should have been more from them
I might be in love with this woman. Not for the right reasons, mind you...
isso é que é música
brings back memorys of a girl who sang this years ago, she was beautiful! wherever she is I hope she is happy!.
pewdiepie music when he is playing the medical game
WTF happened? Back in the days when music was AWSOME! Todays music is so generic and not so epic.
Wish someone would get all the classic rock bands from the 80's together for a tour ie : heart AC/DC def leopard white snake Europe Bon jovi that would be amazing someone should def sort this out