Heart - Alone

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Heart - Alone

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Heart - Alone How Do I Get To My Loan!
Is part of this film clip shot at the Hammerstein ballroom in New York City?
calcinha preta
Linda Godd times
linda música !!!
these lyrics to the 80's song are so real and personal to our generation of growing up . glad I was blessed to be in that error of my life . the 80's music,and movies, no substitute for as long as this would will last period . 80's rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!¡
10322 idiots who need to see a ear doctor! Super great music made right here.Great band!Thank you heart.
This is a bankers anthem... How Do I get you a loan? :)
80 era Song and music goud.kkk is bealtefull. kkk
Yeah yes.. Coors Light talking to me.
i love the 80's
Wie de fok kk nog die in 2017 en as jy doen dan is jy n fokken awe
pq brasileiro n gosta dessas porra é mó bón
calcinha preta pegou essa melodia e fez um sucesso, sera q é plagio?
Heart, greatest female band of all time bar none ! No one is even close. Barracuda, Crazy on you, Magic man, Straight on. These four alone put them in the top ten all time rock bands
Something tells me that blonde can play guitar.
Can't live w/out thus music! 80s was my best years
Que temazo !!! jamas lo olvidaré !! en el infierno lo seguiré escuchando !! Enorme grupo Heart !!!!