I SEE STARS - Murder Mitten (Official Music Video)

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I SEE STARS - Murder Mitten (Official Music Video)

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I SEE STARS - Murder Mitten (Official Music Video) thx
I love this band I saw them twice and u will definately go see them again :)💕💋
I understand why Ronnie had beef.. 🌱
just came across this on spotify, dont really like much of their other stuff as this has more of a unique sound.. are there any other bands that focus on the electronic aspects?
> sees the end message Devin and Andrew wrote to their Mom

cries like a bitch
That drummer is really enjoying himself...
this song reminds me of my cousin's life
i thought vic was singing this.
he is so fuckn hot...god damn
years later and they are only getting better ❤
When I try and sing Devins high notes last year I sounded like I was dying. Now when I do it I can't bcuz I start crying at how good they are. I hope to be just like him, Dylan, Keaton, and many others one day. I won't ever give up. I have too much to lose. Thanks Devin, Andrew, and the rest of I See Stars for inspiring me to find my own voice. I'll scream to the heavens, and maybe they'll reply one day.
the clean, unclean vocals, breakdowns are just ducking awesome
can you tell more bands like this with electronic influences ?
this video kept popping up every time I searched metalcore.
im really curious what this song represents
betraying the martyrs
dead silence hides my cries way better than this
yay gaybier is here
currently listening to these songs because 9gag had this playlist thing so yea