I SEE STARS - Murder Mitten (Official Music Video)

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I SEE STARS - Murder Mitten (Official Music Video)

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I SEE STARS - Murder Mitten (Official Music Video) вы топчег))
Did they feature Skrillex ???
I listen to this when I'm mad it helps me get my anger out and forget about it great band but why do you smash your electronics because I know their expensive and that's a waste of money but I'm not trying to judge but it's yours so what ever you do it's ok because it's not mine but your a great band good luck
holy shit this is bad, I'm gonna watch 1 more just in case I picked a shit song.
I love this song, but never quite got to understanding the story behind the song... Anyone?
This band has helped me through so much..
This song brings so much hype no matter year it is!
you looked like zyzz in the thumbnail ;_;
Who’s still listening is 2018!!!!!
Ahahahahahha I freaking love it !!!!! Think I broke the replay button tbh
I still love jamming out to this album. MICHIGANDERS STAND UP!!
what the hell
2:50... guy sounds just like Danny from AA
Fags who cant come out of the closet song
So most songs, if u listen to them too much, you eventually start to get bored of them right? They get burnt out? like fire, it dies out after burning strong for so long. But unlike most songs, and fire, this one seems to just grow on me and dig deeper into me every day that i listen to it. I cant express how much i love the effect this song has on me dude. I fucking love this song #2018