I Wore EXTREMELY Long Acrylic Nails For 24 Hours! *HOSPITAL*

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I Wore EXTREMELY Long Acrylic Nails For 24 Hours! *HOSPITAL*

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I Wore EXTREMELY Long Acrylic Nails For 24 Hours! *HOSPITAL* U 100 percent just had tonsillitis, ive had it before its horrid xx
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
She's annoying me
Fuck you 😂
Omg when you poked yourself In the eye you were waving to your eye I can’t 😂 11:54
my auntie wears those nails but she has worn them for years now and has got used to them lol
R U British ?
Goddamnnnnn you stacked
Your nails are deff not EXTREMELY LONG ! Like 👇 if you came and was like wow her nails aren’t even that extremely long ! That’s regularly long size people get em 🙄 because I get mines like that & im use to doin everything 😴
Tbh they didn’t look that long
I hope you get better god bless us all 🤞🏻
me too did you break your nails
the amount of times she said working with nails bugs me
I thought you were going to hospital cause of your nail😂😂
6:23 not good
they look bomb on you ! lolol
they look like the nails Janice from friends would wear :)
Don’t worry girl I have been in a sergery because I had a ball in my mouth with something that I don’t know and the good thing is that I got a~~~~~~POPSICLE
Ur voice is fucking annoying 🤮🙄🤬
Your nails are beautiful. We admire with the woman he loves. 💏💅❤
When you had somet wrong w your throat and talking you sounded like Joseph shepard