I Wore EXTREMELY Long Acrylic Nails For 24 Hours! *HOSPITAL*

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I Wore EXTREMELY Long Acrylic Nails For 24 Hours! *HOSPITAL*

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I Wore EXTREMELY Long Acrylic Nails For 24 Hours! *HOSPITAL* You look much better without makeup... so fresh..young ..like some kind of water nymph / with makeup also good but a little bit older :) Nice day.
u are soooo annoying u overeact
I had Tonsillitis i got then removed i was only 5 years when they were removed
It’s weird how you’re fine going under surgery for ur boobs but surgery to help your throat you don’t wanna do👀
Watching you leave the A&E and I screamed COVER YOUR CHEST AND NECK lmao I’m such a mom at heart
Conditioner on the top of your head??
Did anyone else hear cammi say smoke weed?
I actually think they look really good 😅
aCRYlic lmao
Trying to wash your hair with long acrylics is the worst
I hope you feel better
Go into tesco for a walk in centre what a clown.
I get u girl I have it really bad now
My grandma had the same thing and she had surgery it’s fine she came out fine her cut is now gone and now it’s February and she got it October or November don’t worru
Karina garcia did hers long but your the queen
Did you not know the loop in the back of the shoe was there to help you put on and take off the shoe?(just wondering because it kinda sounded like you barely found out that’s what it was there for)
“.....I might read a book?” 😂
I thought you was going to the hospital cos your nail snapped on the title it looked like you were in the hospital with your nails
Whats happening with her thumbs