Imagine Dragons - Believer

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Imagine Dragons - Believer

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Imagine Dragons - Believer I listened to this cuz i actually have been following imagine dragons for years now, anyone with me?
I plain hate the chorus. Ruined it.
Julien Bam: Wer mag denn schon Oliven😂
Best song ever
vevo is lit
40% Riverdale
20% Bughead
30% I let my ... listen to this
10% Nitendo switch
great song!!
de masteo ma sio xd
Anyone else here from the Nintendo switch commercial?
this song made me legit cry in Riverdale when archys dad got shot the jug head put on his dad's jacket and the Betty looked so disappointed 😣
My internet went off for 3 minutes
I met my family
They were nice people
My mum said if I turn this up any louder she will slam my face on my keyboard...but I don't believe he-jaiepwbdvvdpwlqb71)3!/9
i like the song
CALLING ALL ARROW FANS. I just realized the guy in this vid is Kovar
Imagine Dragons: This song goes out to all you emo edgelords.
i let my son listen to this

now he's my grandfather
69m lol
I'm from Russia. In my country, everyone loves your video!
I let Nepal listen to this

It's the most developed country in the world...