Imagine Dragons - Believer

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Imagine Dragons - Believer

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Imagine Dragons - Believer this songs so catchy
I let team 10 listen to this

Now it's team 20
I let my always angry friend listen to this

He turned into the fkin Hulk
Im retarded after listening to this I became a giraffe

Am I doing it right guys?
My iPad 2 listened to this and guess what happened my iPad turned the iPad Pro :)
I let beliebers listen to this

Now they're believers
Who's watching in 2017
이거는 도입부부터 지리는노래 순위에 들어가야함
Any Riverdale fans here? :)
Now ur copying indominus
Los necesitamos en Sudamérica. No es un pedido. Es una órden !!!

PD: En mi canal tienen la reseña de "Evolve". Saludos.
eu grito na minha alma quando escuto essa música
I let my cat listen to this

now he's a lion
Hey you are awesome great job
I let my friend listen to this...

I realized I don't have friends
no download!
I let myself listen to this

Now i haven't cancer anymore
Anyone else come here from Riverdale??
The best part is 0:00-3:37
i let my cat listen to this.... now is a tiger !