Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light (Official Video)

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Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light (Official Video)

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Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light (Official Video) I'm with all the other guys in here..flippping awsome! For a moment I thought these guys were out & gone..I see now I was gigantly wrong!!! What a f#cking great album!!! Damn!!! Good stuff..AGAINE!
es mi cancion favorita
Oh yeah I love it I IRON MAIDEN you did a kick ass job on this one
Amei esse video🤘💀
Just played the flash game for this lol
Iron maiden is the worst pop band on the world XD
why does Eddie kill al fans that come to him for autographs?
Too right hermetic kitten!
genial son unos crac
Eddie's like another member of the band, isn't he?! Without him Maiden just wouldn't be Maiden.
eddie es el único que le hace un fatañity a la bestia hahaha
The Truth is that The Devil (Eddie) will .lose, He will be thrown out into the deep Pits of Hell and all of you who are following him
La mierda parece guns n roses 👎
the music is so good and the lyrics are so out of sync. Frankly speaking the music is so good that lyrics are not even needed
Eddie's on drugs again..
al Capitán América le exploto la cabeza con tantas referencias
Fucking awesome¡