Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light (Official Video)

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Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light (Official Video)

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Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light (Official Video) They produced THE BOOK OF SOULS, what else gonna happen to them?
I like this baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's fantastic
I am living with this band from past 28 years .80s and 90s and 2000 and 2010 and now I am 35 .no one can rock like them.2017 book of soul tours have done in 72 countries.
Why is intro riff so similar to Enter Sandman (Tapping Into The Emotional Void)?
"Eddie Wins" epic...
Can we have Eddie in Mk please
At the end ware it shows the high scores it Shows Bruce
2:20 meu ovo
20 mill views
Iron Rocks Everyone EASY!
I have loved Maiden for decades, but I have always thought that Eddie was a total pile of shit mascot. Just awful. The kind of shit drawing some prepubescent lad scrawls.

Every concert I went to, I just had to focus on the awesome band and ignore the retarded puppet ;)
i want Eddie in mortal Kombat
Awesome Wish IRON MAIDEN New How Much I Love The Up The Irons\m/
Lol, Nicko the last
Best song they've made in the last 10 years I reckon!
This is the greatest music video I've ever seen.
Genial me gusta iron meiden