Iyeoka - Simply Falling

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Iyeoka - Simply Falling

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Iyeoka - Simply Falling аж мурашки по коже!
I was in Rome when it all began to come together - as if we were destined to be joined as one. I caught the bullet train from Rome to Venice that evening - I got there so fast my head was spinning - not from the speed - but from the cavalcade of emotions that rushed from my head to my heart as I caught sight of you stepping off of the very same conveyance and out onto the crowded platform beside us! Alas - in a mere instant - only as long as it took me to admire myself one more time in a hand held mirror - you were GONE - having disappeared into the madding crowds that milled around outside like the incensed dwellers of an unjustly disturbed NEST of (busy prostitutes on a pay day evening?). NO - that just won't work here! I must keep on searching for a fitting and proper 'Romantic Ending' to this tale of unrequited and unquenched, thirsty love - never again to be lost!
💞😘👏прекрасная песня🎶💞и видео шикарное💞😘💞
Audrey Tautou?? O.O
are these clips for a movie or just a music video?
If one had a single glance to give the World, one should gaze on İSTANBUL..!!
You have broken into my heart this time...!!
De qué película es ese video??
Yo encantado
Bellísimo video

Thank you very much 👏
Magic as always ! Thank you
Who is the boy ?
Perfetttooo!.. Divino..
,,"::👑"~` _*tuPariPaikar§artaaQadamgulasti
mΩzμ¥eQand ~`´· 🍬~(-;