Jain - Come (Official Video)

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Jain - Come (Official Video)

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Jain - Come (Official Video) Jain "come"
Qui parle français ici ?
Супер песня😒😒
pourquoi ya que des anglai
Amazing 💙
The production of these videos, both audio and visual, is wildly impressive. Love it.
OMG ! The voice is amazing !
Polska, pamiętacie? 😁
0:00 pour recommencer plus facilement et pas tuer la barre de ripite
OMG!!!! Tell me you saw that at 0:02 .. kind freaked out
Me encanta. Una canción realmente auténtica
Anyone came from 2k17?
her videos are so cool!
Je l'ai écouté en CE1 c'était trop marrant
Wtf is she so fixated on Africa. She is born and raised in France.
Come come come ooo