Janelle Monáe - Tightrope [feat. Big Boi] (Video)

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Janelle Monáe - Tightrope [feat. Big Boi] (Video)

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Janelle Monáe - Tightrope [feat. Big Boi] (Video) Song is happy. Video tells a more dark and sinister story. Meshings of the afternoon inspo. Janelle is genius 💡
Love It! Such Talented Performers! They sure can sing and dance. Marvelous. Would change background to something more colorful, happy. Because the rest is totally perfect and the down type atmosphere detracts from the song and the amazing dance moves.
She's so cute
Master piece
yo quisiera poder bailar así :(
2018 - still great song!;)
She is so talented!
Love her!
She created the stoopid challenge way before 69 did
This shit is so hot like its just droped ;)Peace from Poland!
I liked hidden figures
Here because of a Nissan ad lmao 😂😂
still ultra fantastic!
This song is incredible, I just stumbled over it.
Corda bamba
She's so talented , l love everything about her 😍😍 . #BlackExcellence
#BlackGirlMagic 😍
Only 24.000.000 views in 8 years ! That proves millions or billions of views prove anything ; except the bad taste of a decade.
Filme amizade colorida
I Miss this Era 😢💔
can you believe janelle monae invented suits
Timeless ✨