Janis Joplin - Me & Bobby McGee

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Janis Joplin - Me & Bobby McGee

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Janis Joplin - Me & Bobby McGee A bright light in a dark world....when she died the world got a little darker.
In a class of her own
make a different choice yet you can never choose to be what janice jopling was.. not you
Hey Sweetie, You're on my playlist & when I get lazy & aching 4 a toke I'll always have one fer ya !! LOL'S...🤘🏻🙂
My Julie loves this song and I love my Julie.....Perfect
No one equivocally had the guts you had .........
To Robert
Me & Bobby MC gee....
Thank you for your love.... Me & Bobby Mc-G.....
We Love janis 💕
you got to love her!
She must have smoked marijuana and cigarettes which are $6.60 now that's crazy expensive. Still love that raspy voice of hers. Figured I would give some feedback since I am here reading the post helpful to me to give us information for better feed back to you utube
Gordon lightfoot
What, a great Lady!!.And singer, we lost her way to soon!!.No, one can sing this song like Miss.Janis Joplin.. Me and Bobby McGee, "RIP" Janice ~~
well this is the next night and here I am again , as ones who really like these tunes should be and are , as I am , come on where are the others claiming to like this music ? Here i am at two a.m. Hey join in and prove you are real for this !!!!!!!
Janis will be missed forever R.I.P.
I would like tie the knot with her
the girl would a rule the world if she could just keep it on the side
Life light love. P&R forever