Jason Mraz - Long Drive (Official Video)

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Jason Mraz - Long Drive (Official Video)

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Jason Mraz - Long Drive (Official Video) 2019 ?? And this song got only 4m views??? What's wrong in this world .
Wow very good meaning song, my love❤😎😘💑💋🌹🌹🌹
At first I thought it was a cover song of "A TEAM "
This song means a lot to me
Best night of my life.... With you riding... Your hand on my hand..... (song made my day, I'm already missing her)
Beautiful Song 😍😍
This song is beautiful🌹
Want drive? I only have Toyota instead of BMW
Nice message 💕with nice end
ele é tão lindo, alguém sabe o nome dele ? ( o cara do vídeo )
Dentro do carro hoje vai ter putaria. 🎵😈
Sigue así 💪💓
The young guy in the music video is kinda cute. Anyone knows who he is?
Looks like it's his mother wtf

@pujamondal I love you :)
2019 ;) ;* <3