Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the Block

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Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the Block

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Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the Block My friends: Ooo you got new shoes! You must think you cool and Rich.

Me: nah I’m from the block
TO AQUI !2018
😍 👏
Who's here 2018! Even til this day "the amounts roll in" 😂😉😂😉 Jenny!!
Is becky or jenifer copy😨😨
Rich woman)))
i love dit liedje like als je het een nice liedje vind
She still got the best not fake ass...
Jlo is NO icon NO legend NO superstar! She is so AVERAGE looking n her singing is average at best! Wake up people! LMAO
Pas la meilleure de ses chansons 😶
Bennifer. Oh well.
I'm Jennifer binge
Screeshot at 1:05! Best booty of the world!!
I almost forgot what a natural body looks like...
she is from Puerto Rico
Love this song I love the Bronx been there beautiful there it's been awhile since I've been there but it's beautiful anyway I love all your music
Bennifel Hi" Alex from the Dominican republic
We had this little bulletin board at my Elementary School that said New Kids on the Block and there was this girl and her name was like Jennifer and we all called her Jenny From the Block