Jenny Lewis - Just One Of The Guys [Official Music Video]

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Jenny Lewis - Just One Of The Guys [Official Music Video]

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Jenny Lewis - Just One Of The Guys [Official Music Video] Waiting on that j Lewis feat st. Vincent track... gimme
Kristen is so funny
Kristen looks so much like louis tomlinson? ??
is that marvel captain?
anne kristen & brie you all look so great as guys
Hey, who's the cute gal with the pixie?
I actually saw this after I saw the Nostalgia Critic's review of the Toys R Us commercial that Lewis was in
Kristen Stewart looks so handsome tho HAHAHAAHAHAHA
Kristen is looking so hot and cute. 😉😉😉
How can kristen still look atractive with that mustache?
Kristen stewart looks like she has been homeless for years, hasnt had a decent nights rest in years, and as if shes strung out on heroin or crack and hasnt come down yet seriously you people find that appealing
I think I see gweneth paltrow, kristin stewart and ann hathaway seriously people your comments are seriously strange, but I'll tell you I'm here on accident as there was a movie in the 80s called one of the guys and I'm trying to find out the chick who played the guy because in the beginning before she cut her hair in the movie she was freaing breathtaking anyway and in this video I must say it just adds to my schoolboy crush on anne hathaway
just discovered this song n it's way better on 1.25 speed tbh xxx
Damn, I'm in love with Bree Larson
Who came for Kristen?
Jenny's hair is so shiny
This music is really terrible isn't it? I mean, pretty bad. Don't you agree?
is it me or boy Kristen looks like Bucky Barnes? :D she's so cute & pretty & sexy at the same time, I can't even. she's something else.
Was Jenny in Troop Beverly Hills?