Jibbs - Chain Hang Low

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Jibbs - Chain Hang Low

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Jibbs - Chain Hang Low do your chains hang low
i love this song you are you so cute i wannt to marry you chang hang low
I'm here because of klarity and Kevin Hart rap battle
Where did hip hop like this go?
Where is jibbs? He needs to come back! I thought he was gonna be big in this game! 2017 & I'm still bumping this jam!
Musica foda
i had high hopes for JIbbs lol hopefully he makes a recovery
I wish this me rn cause back in the days we to have the chains and old ass hood stuff man :(
I think I notice one of the ice-cream popsicles looks like Spongebob
I put this in my Playlist. Check it out guys and subscribe to me
Hi im from india please open boob show vegeane sex is beautifull

Sing this in music rhytme
Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeah!!!
Drill bit Taylor anyone
Damn Dawg This Was My Childhood , Now I Feel Old Asf
Who's watching in 3017?
Marlon Webb anyone else?
Just noticed Jibbs the only nigga wearing a chain in the damn video bout chains