Jibbs - Chain Hang Low

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Jibbs - Chain Hang Low

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Jibbs - Chain Hang Low I remember back in like 6th and 7th grade on the bus ride back home, the radio would always play this song like the exact same time and I would always hear this song right before I got off everyday
oh my god
Do your game play slow, does it take to long to load? Do you see a bright red light shining in a circle. Do you throw your controller at your baby sister's door. Do your game play slow?
cool boi.
#do your balls hang low
This is like koit but it's the chain in koit it's do balls hang low
I watching this in 2017
2nd grade memories '06
Why they look like them ballas off GTA
Idk... DOES my chain hang low??
This is from Chicago but for some reason I can easily see this coming from the South.
I have the same chain as him the adult
This needs to be a meme
Who else came here from the world of dance video?
My balls hang low