Jibbs - Chain Hang Low

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Jibbs - Chain Hang Low

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Jibbs - Chain Hang Low MORE!!!
This song is so black it stole it's own bike.
I live in El Paso, Texas I'm in the southwest region but I'm a west coast and a south side a little north side, but east........... No!!
this song i grew up around and we allways used to say dose ur titties hang low can u yie it ij a not can u tie it in a bow
Hi, I'm a Ninja. Obviously. Here's some things you should know about me. I'm weird, and If you don't like weird people then leave. ;) or stay If you want. Favorite Snacks - Oreos, Pretzels, Pudding, Jerky (beef jerky). That's it. My Main Friends - Joshuagaming123456, Giseleitalia, YoussefGames, Foxelove01, Extotic, and StevenDiamond7421 (Which is Imhope2829), Stellar_Sophia And eloany. ;) Mess with one of them you're going to be dead. Favorite Foods - Pizza, Burgers, uhm mostly anything ;) Brother - JadenSonic8 who looks like a bowling ball irl still. ;) Mess with my brother too? Eh, he annoys me so go ahead.
sog is dope
Who else is here for the kids?
Here from Norbit
Quem veio pela Nathalia Sexy larga o Like. ;)
Tyler Something​ you don't know Kingbach
viners brought me here
quem veio pelo godenot?
who is here from Marlon Webb vines
2017 anyone?
Jason Derulo - Swalla brought me here
did Jibbs die?
Nice Los Santos sweatshirt Jibbs