JINJER - I Speak Astronomy (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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JINJER - I Speak Astronomy (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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JINJER - I Speak Astronomy (Official Video) | Napalm Records She is amazing. What a look, what a voice. Beautiful in every way.
this is a bit similar to Nevermore
awesome band, will have to get a cd i think :)
5:10 goosebumps! right straight in the feels!
bass player is incredible
This is awesome
DAMNNN! love this song
You are able to turn Eurovision to Ukraine again. :)
I'm not sexist, but this probably the only female fronted band aside from the artificials that I can take seriously.
Well well, will it djent?
This chick is turning me on xxx
Sevendust feel 👍👍👍
Space sorceress
A band with beautiful front-woman, who sings very well, playing music that i like.
Well done, Jinjer.
I want her only for her voice(not only)
Absolute work of art!
Absolutely terrific performance, musical and otherwise. I love the musicality in this tune. Excellent work to everyone. The vocal showcase is spectacular as well. Nice work!
A handful of golden dust
Is what determines me
Magic inside of us
Speaks astronomy
Sent signals amplified
Through tidal debris
Super nova, my guide
Release your energy!

This space foam is so delicious
Dark matter is so divine
Tell me, why are you so suspicious
When you see black holes in my eyes?

Let this binary be blessed
By holy X-ray
Singularity's our nest
Peace-forming clay
If there is Lord out there
He is just a guest
Sitting in his spaceship
Observing the parade

Don't discontinue this expedition
When stuck upon event horizon of my eyes!

Come and join me in my rotation
We won't be held by no bars
Our reunion was tagged the "celestial"
The very moment stars got us baptized

Wave your hand from parallel universe
Hidden in a folded palm
After twenty-eight lightyears my research
Must be ended somehow
best song ever!!!