JINJER - Just Another (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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JINJER - Just Another (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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JINJER - Just Another (Official Video) | Napalm Records She's got the voice of an angel.
Me encanta!! ♥♥
I love how her clean and harsh vocals sound, sounds so good! No bias but she's a better metal vocalist than most female metal vocalists that I've heard, especially Angela and Alissa from Arch Enemy.
Kind of like a female Burton Bell.
What is Jinjer's type of metal called?
I watched that Video several times and it always felt a little bit weired.
Did you ever reconized that the cut is strange? There are two scenes she´s wearing a white shirt instead of the black :)
She's got such attitude. Like she owns the fuckin stage. I love it!
Its a sound between No Doubt and any good Metal. Very amazing talents.
Her singing is reminiscent of Myles Kennedy. Love the drive.
Guano Apes 2.0
If No Doubt played nu-metal.
Melhor banda do últimos tempos!!!!
Tem Br por aki??kk
If you pause it perfectly right at 1:09, and then hit play then pause again right away, you will see one of the sexiest expressions in metal today. Basically the whole video, but definitely 1:09 - 1:10. Oh my god I'm like creepishly(made up word) in love with this chick.
I've had this in repeat for the last 48 hours.
Hands Down the best!!!!!!!
I am loving the Alanis Morissette-esque vocals in the chorus of this song!
statistics show that everyone experiences true love at first sight at 1:08 .......
Omg lol I'm so In love with this band! Line the pit with gargoyles for the sacrifices and send the blood running UP the walls for the lead singer, Tati!! She's so fking beautiful and energetic in the right way. She sports these wicked little evil grins, perfectly conveying that 'havin a blast' euphoric ride! Those riffs, that time signature, the ladder of bass progression, and that voice?! Where the hell has Jinjer been hiding?! I just recently, like within the past week, discovered this badass band through Youtube's suggested content stuff. Just working, with my usual rockout to Behemoth, Meshuggah, Lamb of God etc. it popped up into the flow of things with the studio Pisces live session. I almost broke my neck getting to the keyboard to save what was playing; only to be awe-stricken looking at the gorgeous lil' being that was just bellowing out this blistering-beastial-bulldozer of a RoaR!. Hooked! A little congruence, and this video, "Just Another", has made repetition on my massive Bose beauties now like 27 times in 5 or 6 days. They have just enough of the djent style kill-metal that it beckons to.... dare we ask? Like, could we please see a lil Behemoth / JINJER / Meshuggah / Lamb of God / Insomnium / MachineHead / Nuclear Blast Crew / Napalm Crew love smorgy happen in the Southeast US? I could use a hand unbuckling the bible belt! :D - Archangel of Death
Finally a progessive Band that can fill the gap, that the "old" The Agonist left... ;-)
Fucking incredible!