JINJER - Just Another (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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JINJER - Just Another (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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JINJER - Just Another (Official Video) | Napalm Records Amazing!!
That smile
1:24 aaaaahhhhhh♥♥♥♥
Wow ... To me in some aspects this awesome band surpasses The Agonist! Love it!
Im just overwhelmed and speechless watching this, still rocking like HELL and im high as fuck!!11! :) Incredible song and vocalist kicks serious ass, im in love...<333
I saw them 2 nights ago with Cradle of Filth and holy shit they are amazing live!
1:08 i love you!
She's hot, she's got great vocals, great scream. Awesome! - Hah, never noticed the drummer in Jinjer before. He looks about 8.
1:08 - 1:11 I'm gonna die.
I love it so much
Tati me súper caso contigo 💖
I ignored this band for a while cause i thought it was just another shitty generic girly growl band.Glad i checked them out tho! The girl is pretty amazing, but maaan do the guys know how to play!
you're pretty
I had literally never heard of this band until just the other day when this song was in a metal playlist I was listening to and I am hooked on this band. I feel so much energy coming from this song from both the instrumental and the vocals. They’ve got a really hot front woman who can easily change from high to really low extremely well. Definitely going to be looking to more of their songs.
She doesn't use maxipad or bra ..
о це тобi на!!! Горлiвка!
awesome....lovely, n powerfull...a lot of personality
Been so psyched about this band since coming across them a month ago...just can't get enough! AND.....to find out they are in the USA RIGHT NOW ----> SEE YOU IN DETROIT BABY!!!! April 12th at St. Andrews!