JINJER - Just Another (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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JINJER - Just Another (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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JINJER - Just Another (Official Video) | Napalm Records this is ukraine, bitches
She looks like lisbeth salander in the girl ''with the dragon tattoo''
the band sounds better then the vocalist.
Beast mode
I love this band!
My boner.. shredded my newly bought jeans. Thanks Jinjer!!
WOW ! Stunning !!!
Venite anche in Italia? Noi ci speriamo!
Tatiana for 2020!! let's make it happen
Hard to believe that growl comes from that girl. Gnarly. I met her a few times at a bar in Palm Springs. She was crazy but fun to be around. At the time I didn't realize how successful she was. I regret not trying to take her home now. Lol fuuuuck
Amazing group of musicians. So glad I found them. Thanks Napalm! Keep picking up kick ass bands.
Just Another Official Video.
Gah! sounds so typical.
i love this girl ... =) ...
looking forward to seeing Jinjer in London in November!!
Esse refrão é demais, puta merda!
sexy legs
that klondike bar commercial... holy shit.
А что если я скажу что ебал ее....но кто ж теперь поверит)))
this video made me fall in love with JINJER.
will watch these guys closley , clever composed music, a good combination. all they need is a triangle player