John Legend - Made To Love (Audio)

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John Legend - Made To Love (Audio)

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John Legend - Made To Love (Audio) AMAZING.
We were made to love
I love this song. Thanks to that special someone who sent it to me. And yes, we are made to Love.
This song is way to underrated!
Hannigram brought me here <3
Les twins ❤️
John Legend is better acting than singing
Cissy brought me here 💚
Chevy Impala 2013 ad brought me here. Nice tune.
Les twins brought me here,😱😭😭 they killed this so hard
had to watch the Ad, the artist has a nice style.
Came from my mom😴😭❤️💕
Focus !!!
Cookie and Malcom brought me here
Much better than overrated All of Me
Laurent's gorgeous freestyle brought me here 😁
underground sent me here
Denis Ten brought me here.
les twins
empire brought me here