Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down

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Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down

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Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down All these celebs in the video are part of the illuminati.
Sooner than later fella...
Kanye, khloe and johnny depp 👀
The Man in Black. Wow, what a profound song and message. And, what an amazing love story with him and June. He didn't last long after her death. His music became very dark, and then he just gave up the ghost to be with her. God, I wish for someone to love me that much. I love both of them always. Such amazing music, and what a love story.
A prophetical song. God is cutting them down. Hollywood is finished in due time.
He wore black because he knew about life but mostly death
God will cut down the evil and save his followers lol the music video is to good all those people sold there soul for the fame
There is so many damn symbols in this song that is wron it makes me sick utter blasphemy
Sooner or later everyone of these celebrities will be grovelling for mercy before the Lord God Almighty.
Romans 14:11“Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess”
A man on fire with the Holy Spirit
My old friend from back in the day Rick Rubin thankfully recorded some of Johnny Cash's greatest later work.
My God, it's beginning to end. One Love, Brother.
Police 💯you criminals God is going to Cut You Down
Government god is gonna shut you down. Even their trying to warn the public.
Johnny cash exposing it all. 💪💪💪
Go Johnny!! Best song, but if he already died.. who made this song?
Real men are an endangered species. Hope Johnny left some DNA! Grew up with his voice and glad I did!