Johnny Cash - Hurt (Official Video) HD

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Johnny Cash - Hurt (Official Video) HD

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Johnny Cash - Hurt (Official Video) HD I challenge anyone to find a more powerful and sad song than this
i love
Johnny & June's Love Will Go On Forever❣️
This was made as June was dying, You can feel the pain in his heart, as he sang this song...He couldn't live without her, & joined her in heaven within months after her death.
True Love, Follows You, & You'll Always Find A Way Back To Each Other...Even In DEATH ❣️
R.I.P. J&J Forever❣️🌹🎶🌹
🖤+💖 ✝️✌️
This is such a powerful song that makes so much of the few songs that makes me quite emotional....just amazing!!
I come here because of Logan
26k people are ignorant
Very sad...
Always makes me cry like a kid
this is so good
Words cannot capture the emotion provoked by this song and performance. A genuine insight into the human condition, into life, the futility of ambition and the realisation of what is important in life only when it is too late. Anyone not moved by this is dead already.
Understanding god. Him is In heaven
R.I.P xxxtentacion
If Johnny Cash's legacy was an empire of dirt then we have no hope.
But i do. And thats what is important in this day and age, we have hope that things will be better then they were yesterday.
Logan 😢
What have i become.....
il be in the garage
my father loved you. he took a lot of comfort in your songs. I also love you. thank you for being real.
Just the best ever
Everyone i know goes away in the end.... How true.....