Kanye West - Bound 2 (Explicit)

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Kanye West - Bound 2 (Explicit)

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Kanye West - Bound 2 (Explicit) que porquería video malo y el cantante? Si se le puede llamar así que pobreza musical
lol seems like the motorcycle jumps to much
This song suck only good part is Kim kardashion
this song is so random.
first through the wire and late and slow jamz good life all those songs got chipmunk sounds to them.
Dang This Got More Dislikes Than Likes
I wanna fuck u hard on the sink then get u a drink best rap line of 2013😂😂
i wanked so hard i lost my hand.
At the end of the day its all about the love. That's what this video is about and that is why I love this video. Kim and Kanye are celebrating their love for each other and I love them for it.
I here for this "aha honey"
I think this song is about Substance Abuse, & Recovery. When he says "admitting it is the first step, AA" the first step of the 12 steps in A-lcoholics A-nonymous is admitting that you have a problem. He talks about making it to Thanksgiving & Christmas (sober?), & he keeps bringing up references to Alcohol like "drinking champagne, but still look thirsty" (I know the double meaning of thirsty btw), as if to say the party scene is phony, & fake, same with the cups on the lawn reference. The song is called "Bound 2" basically meaning "Addicted", or bound to Alcohol, & he said the visuals in the video were supposed to reflect the advertising used to sell Beer, with the horses & shit. The song is about addiction, masked as a love song for the masses. As far as the part about sex on the sink, & jizz on her mink (how brilliant), I haven't figured that out yet 😇. Other rappers have made similar records where you think they're talking about a girl, & it turns out they're speaking on thier love affair with hip-hop culture. Kim might be the prettiest girl on the planet. Her body is like a work of art. Just look at her face, & her jaw line, she's like something from another planet. I don't see how a female could be more physically attractive, but that's subjective. Beyonce is pretty, & probably has a lot more going on upstairs, but Kim has real hair, & is the absolutely gorgeous. She hit the genetic lottery for sure, & her dad just happened to be a famous lawyer, what are the chances? We even get to see Kim's coochie online, how awesome is that?!! Spoiler Alert, it looks just like all the other ones that you've ever seen!
this where Kanye n kim Kardashian fell in love
I think I accidentally searched porn hub lemme check

Nope on youtube😑
Amazing Song, Kanye West is the best rapper.
this is stupudly bad
3 years and it still sucks just as much as the day it came out.
One thing I know my girl aint no hobbit