Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video)

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Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video)

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Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video) the lyrics are shit but the beat is sick lmao
love how this starts out as b&w some guy in a suit walking down the street & you think it’s going to be artsy and cool then you just get hit with these two men eating random food and dancing in random places and it’s amazing

i love this video damn
Bam bam bam billa!
Hoo ooh!👏
All that parks and rec clout got Aziz wildin
girato in l italia
I m famous
What a beautiful song
still rocks!
aku homo
that's great! just have fun
Eu sou tão idiota que choro de rir de tanta babaquice que e e se clipe kkkk
Kanye sold his soul and became wack
This is so dumb
This is much better than the official Version
I hope you fucking rot
The old Kanye is back
The genius fucking kanye