Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video)

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Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video)

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Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video) Kanye West for the president 😛
Amazing Beat!
19 million views :D.
Aziz is Kanye's best friend. And Aziz's cousin is Kanye's best fan
I like Aziz and all, but clearly this had Beaver Boyz written all over it
this video is much better than the original lol
Americans are a gross species.
Kya commoner sa lagta hai tu. Par khair life has taught me ki overlookable looks might be hiding an amazing personality. Par tumhare jaise log hote hain to aise bhi hone chahiye hain no tumhare jaise katai nahi hain. I fail to understand ki tumhare jaison ke "loved ones" tumhe pasand kaise kar sakte hain.
Qué vrga estoy viendo? xD xD
Fuck you both jerks
Thank you Kanye
What was Aziz eating at 2:26? I wish to experience the same orgasm that he did.
Chalk that talk, man.
better than the real vid
I live for the bam bam part 💕

How you feeling right now? Let me see your lighters in the air
Let me see your middle finger in the air
Let me see you act up in this motherfucker
How you feelin', how you feelin, how you feelin' in this mother fucker, god damn
One thing you can't do is stop us now
You can't stop the thing now
Man it's way too late, it's way too late, it's way too late you can't fuck with us -
To the left, to the right
I wanna see everybody hands in the air like this

- we have risen-
this makes my day
Are we just going to ignore that this video it's just Tom Haverford bouncing around to a Kanye song
the lyrics are shit but the beat is sick lmao