Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video)

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Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video)

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Kanye West - "Famous" (Unofficial Official Video) Eu sou tão idiota que choro de rir de tanta babaquice que e e se clipe kkkk
Kanye sold his soul and became wack
This is so dumb
This is much better than the official Version
I hope you fucking rot
The old Kanye is back
The genius fucking kanye
Honestly the stupidest song ever and kanye is a very selfish annoying person can’t believe Rihanna would agree to be in this song
Raise it up bby, we ve all made some bit** famous
Dr. Leonard Leakey Hofstadter and Dr. Rajesh „Raj“ Ramayan Koothrappali lol
2018 anyone
keep making content!
Oktober vibes
Best song ever
I wish there was a 10 hour version of bam bam
i wonder who used the any williams demo first. Yonce or Yeezy.
These two and this song tho! Never gets old 🤣. My friend and I are gonna be like this when we’re in Rome during our trip next month.