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Kanye West - Famous

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Kanye West - Famous what kind of music video's is that ???
A person can really appreciate Bethoven Mozart and Michalengelo after seeing this century we live in is full of fake ass niggars. Since the apostels have no successor, 12 apostels shall reign in judment until Jesus returns. Playing with Gods work is trully dangerous but they don't care. Neither do they have conscious; even their children dies, marriage dissolves; businesses bankrupts, change genders, they are benefiting from it , making money as long as u continue talking reading watching this flies. Insects dont have politics. U gotta Raid them with a bug spray.
are they all real???? people????
And Kanye wants to be President. Don't think so. America wants a CHRISTIAN in the White House, like Donald TRUMP. We learned our lesson with Obummer. This video is TRASH, and We The People want nothing to do with this mindset!
This is the most horrible video I ever seen. ,, Pweeee
This is fake as hell.
They look like wax dolls
Kanye is crazy
Is that taylor
What The F**K man
5:21 Bill Cosby... Kanye must have known
facking little kanye nord's
It full 10 munte porn huuuu
No I think you tube is partnership with porn hub and xxx
Youtube Please Delete This
Look at bush 8:45
What kind of porny crap is this ? Is this even art or music? Kanye should start making music for porn videos and stop calling himself an " artist " ....
looking at the thumbnail makes me think like what am i doing on pornhub?
someone explain to me, in this video kanye means that he made famous all those we see in the video?
I'm not a Taylor fan, but seriously it's the worst video music I've watched so far