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Kanye West - Famous

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Kanye West - Famous como es que esto no lo sencura youtube
It was so nice throwing big parties
Jumping to the pool from the balcony
Everyone swimmin' in a champagne sea
And there are no rules when you show up here
Bass beat rattling the chandelier
Feeling so Gatsby for that whole year...🎵
19/5/19 The First day that i watch this mv
Donald Trump 3:41 7:13
Thanks R Kelly he is not in here I swear there would be so Oreo licked here!
50% of people:
I can’t believe trump did that
Other 50% of people:
How much does beach cost nowadays?
That is a big bed
why the fuck is the beat so dope ... the dope on these beats are to dam high
YouTube: How big do u want the bed to be?
Kanye: Yes
Ano to bold? Kung bold to hindi ako interesado.
Sometimes I feel like Kanye absorbs all the evil that most people don't know how to let out, and he just does it, and makes it become art. He gives life to the meaningless, most cynical thoughts people have.
What would kanye kids say when they see this video.
in case you were wondering about the size of the bed... its a Kanyefornia king bed.
How long is that bed?
Lol is that George B copping a feel?
En enfer tout ces tarés !! Là est leur place