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Kanye West - Famous

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Kanye West - Famous sexy
what the fuck i just watched...
They're made of wax & in a la art gallery but of course Kaitlyn signed up for extra live scenes to show off her female look ...... cool , clever lighting also had me fooled till I saw the wax works 👄
que desagradable, pura mierda esto.
Fucking Genius
This is rare
Illuimanati confirmed.
Suruba da porra
that meat up
I'm not watching this, can I say something?? kanye I'm not happy for what you did your evidence was edited the voice of Taylor was absent to your evidence you can't fool me it was cutted and edited your song is offensive putting a naked body on the video is not good everything you did to this people will bring back to your family . your wife tolerated you so much you dumb bone head . what will happen if your sons and daughter know that this song was created by you your children will hate you they won't have friends because of what you did they'll despise you .
you are not a good parents .
you are not considered singer. what will you do if your family is on a video naked ?? one person can do that too. I'm stopping you so you can live freely.. without being ashamed as a west and as a kardashians. your wife say this to her ." even she wear an expensive jewelries, clothes that won't buy the opinion of others .
you Kim, why do you tolerate your husband even if you know he's wrong?? your old enough to do bad things you know what that phrase means?? you're matured enough to do bad things even you wear an expensive jewelries & clothes that is not called being mature that is just called being lavish
remember this one person can also do a photo shop of you and your family involving your childrens. that pain , when you see it that's the same pain as the person in this video was feeling
flat earth ??? the sun lol.
Instagram account. @badpewfuck
Q coisa horrivel, de mau-gosto, Eca! nem consegui assistir até o fim.
The nigga on the right of Kanye how could he not get hard with that fatass there
I can't believe that I'm saying it but... this is an amazing visual piece of work. It reminds me of Tadeusz Kantor's experimental theatre. For me this is about death. Chilling.
OHH MY GOD!!! 😱😨😲 is that Taylor Swift?????NOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😖😞 please answer me!!!!!!
they are real. they might be clones. you can see them moving, breathing and hear them snoring
I did not understand the video
Why is there a part of Father stretch my hands ?