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Kanye West - Famous

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Kanye West - Famous Wtf
Yg bkin video paling hebat,,
Well this all made sense @ 5:22 mr pudding pop somehow snuck in .Everyone's butthole hurt after this wonderful yeezy party
I'm a big Kanye fan, but I hate this shit, like wtf is this? 💀💀💀💀

Plus, Kanye didn't make Taylor Swift famous. She was famous since 2006. She had an album reach #1 in 2008. She had a #4 and #2 hit in 2009, before the VMAs. Then, she wins Video of the Year, before the 2009 infamous VMAs incident.

Point made 💯

Agree or Disagree?
0:54 pls tell me thats Donald Trump😷😂😂
He did a trick
2019 PORN HUB?
Everyone who liked this video are in the wrong side
Why so many dislikes? Wtf this video is original and legendary
Tf orgy
Worst video of all time
Why's he got a bed that big?
Taylor or kim
Still a snake in 2018 , what's next , after ruined reputation , which is her next victim ?
This song is genius , it exposed the lying snake nakedly
Looks like Bill Cosby got to all the drinks and then accidentally sipped one that wasn't his
how is this not taken down LMFAO
Yeezus feeds on controversy. I love it!