Kanye West - Famous

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Kanye West - Famous

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Kanye West - Famous How the hell is this allowed on YouTube????
Ricegum even has more views on his diss tracks than this shit
1:07 Taylor Swirt
what the fuck
how can anyone not like this song it's catchy too
trump why
Dafuq was dat shit!?
q pedo es esto esta Donald Trump es wey q nos esta cagando la vida a los mexicanos
Omg u see popular people naked
Anybody see any coincidence between this and the #12?
12 Disciples? 12 sons of Abraham? 12 Zodiac Signs? 12 Tribe of Israel? Hmmmm. These people are all in some secret society type shit.
I would fuck that bitch Kaitlyn right now!!! She's 🔥
I just notice there are 6 GIRL and 6boys devils numbers
Are these the real celebrities
كلب حيوان تايلور سويفت أفضال منك
i love it
2:18 you can see caitlyns finger move!
am i the only one that saw that finger move at 2:16