Kanye West - Famous

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Kanye West - Famous

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Kanye West - Famous U cant delete this yt right?
U cant delete this yt right?
Chance’s verse would’ve made this much better
I don't like kanye west so rude and when I kill the master you would be the first one to get ride of...
"There is absolutely NO COLLUSION" going on here... Believe Me I would know, Believe Me ~ David Dennison
Ookeeeyyy? Ammm -.- wtf
What was the premise of this video?...im so confused
Beautiful Dark Twisted Reality
i'm 13 and i jerked off to this 3 times already
donald trump too:) oh common
DONALD?! lmao
This is so inappropriate, remove this on yt
Why all are they sleeping?
Why is my Queen next to him Taylor deserves better 😭🐍🐍🐍
Wax statues don't breathe people!! Wake tf up, they're rubbing cloning in our faces...
Y’all wtf is wrong with you crazy VITCH die and all ur kids