Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (Official) ft. Skip Marley

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Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (Official) ft. Skip Marley

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Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (Official) ft. Skip Marley This a wired song
I am here in 2018 ? anyone ?
lol i think many channels are using Authentic views d o t c o m to get views
So much ❤️👌👍
Есть тут русские ?
Katy killed xxxtentacion
Katy Perry
rose colored glasses ---la vie en rose
Swish Swish and Bon Appetit don't represent ,,Witness'' but this song represents ,,Witness'!
Skip Marley thee best!!👌
I didn't know that was you Katy perry
It's FALLOUT before the bombs fell... Beautifull though. Like it.
I saw your house i swear it’s in holly wood
I listened to this song because it reminds me of when my husband and I would go on road trips, we would always listen to this. This is my first time seeing the video. But someone in the comments posted the lyrics and I read them and was shocked. I didn’t know she said half of the stuff she was saying, I was literally “chained to the rhythm” she was explaining the truths of this world thru song. Wow, a queen. She also does this in her song “wide awake” Katy Perry been woke! 🤯😱❤️
june 2018 anyone?
First real pop song with an actual deep message about society, what we're doing and where we could be headed..kudos. cause I'm not a Katy Perry fan but this songs message got me..most younger fans probably won't get how prolific the message and video imagery is..