Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Audio) ft. Nicki Minaj

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Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Audio) ft. Nicki Minaj

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Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Audio) ft. Nicki Minaj April 2019?
3:10 is that a motherfucking JOJO REFERENCE?
Even swearing on this..bell-end 😘😘
Young money 😎
Swish swish buffalos and turtles lol
*Fortnite has joined The Server*
Fortnite : Sup someone wanna dance?
*Backpack kid has joined The Server*
Fortnite : Okay lemme steal it.
Türkleeeerr +1
Why is this not on the radio? Where are the remixes? Wtf is going on where am I.
I tend to create music that features the Korg M1 VST Plugin. The preset I use is the Organ2, am I right to say the main synth bass is the M1 organ patch?
This girl ruined this song nicki Minaj is a joker Miley Cyrus is the right person
i've only seen the just dance and official video up until now and it was freaky hearing the F-bomb at the beginning for the first time
Ehh real shit even when we dont have our shit together we still dangerous.................ambitonz of a scorpio
They dont know cause i call as it comes lol chick goes with the wind not flow im faster then that
wtf is this about?
I was 14 when this song came out! Now I'm 15 (Almost 16) Time flies very fast!
Nicki Minjaj