Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

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Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

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Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You Essa música é perfeita.
Since everyone uses this comment section as their diary, I wanna write something too.
In very short, I think my beloved friend and I are no longer friends. Amd it's my fault. It's because I always fuck up everything in my fucking life. She said we should give us a few days break and then it should go back to normal. But I already know it's over. I said I just wanna be friends again, I don't want anything to change, to get worse. And then she said she doesn't know if we even can.
Yeah, it's over. It's totally over. Hello, another mistake in my fucking life.
I just needed to open up to someone and strangers who won't even read it all are the best option.

Love this song. Take care everyone, think twice before you say or do anything, really. And love each other before it's too late.
LOVE THIS SONG..............a lesson learnt........the hard wayxxxxxxxxxxxX
Krasna pesnička
September 2017 ?
I have a crush but he don't like me 😭😭 I love you ❤️
2017 September?
Selalu sedih liat video ini😢😢😢😢
What's name of efecto of woman?
How the hell did this song get 24k dislikes
2017, and i still love this song.
desgraça, essa música sempre vai me fazer ficar triste
Me hace llorar 😔💔
Charles Phillip Arthur George Windsor...
love this song
Who is on Sept 19, 2017?
Thanks u
Anyone else cry? 😭
Kelly Clarkson
Because of you