Kendrick Lamar - i (Official Video)

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Kendrick Lamar - i (Official Video)

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Kendrick Lamar - i (Official Video) 19k learn to love yourself's
its a full of motiviation , thats way he artist and not a rapper
Awww man remember hearing this a lot back in 2015 it would've been this song was and is still boss
What a narcissist
In 2018 loving myself😚💅
this song inspire me,  I don't care how hard life gets the devil cant take my confidence.. whoever reads this that's going through something, this world needs your presence that's why God made you
nose como llegue acá 😮
Dat drunk uncle dance bruh lol
G FUNK!!!!
The album is so much better.
Hope the rap game continues to inspire younger generations to be great like kendrick.. X could've totally been there eventually. Peace and art through subject matter
Love this song and the music video, but gotta agree with the melon, the live version thats on the album is a bit better.
Still loving this awesome song! ❤️
Who still listening in 2018
Accidentally searched "I" on google before I finished a sentence.... best accidental google ever.
Oh dear, so the whole video is a metaphor on how Kendrick leaves Compton, the hood and all of its strife and conflict (in this interpretation symbolized by the bar) to find pain and suffering elsewhere in the world, then gradually elevates himself to stardom (funny how he starts walking but begins to run soon after he leaves the bar, seeing as running as opposed to walking is a metaphoric image from the hook to King Kunta) only to return back home in the end, this time driven by hate and inebriation, both with alcohol and his own celebrity (here shown as he is returning not on foot, but in a limo, spitting out the window - that's a symbolic image right from GKMC, actually, in Swimming Pools: As the window opens, I release / Everything that corrode inside of me - to find peace and natural order in the place he fled. That's the plot of the whole album right there and the essence of the caterpillar poem at the end of Mortal Man by extension.
내인생셀럽. 최고의 뮤지션이자 예술가. 시대를 이야기하는 시인
The forbidden word
Thank good good friend.
WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN IS YOU STILL A FAN? Damn right, this song saved my life Kendrick.