Kiesza - Hideaway (Official Video)

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Kiesza - Hideaway (Official Video)

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Kiesza - Hideaway (Official Video) Oh my god I just don't want the 90s to happen again yet
i remember watching this with my mom when it went on tv once. wish i could go back to when i wasnt so dumb.
Cuando vi el 0:21 dije este le roba, pero resulto ser un bailarin.
Después en el 0:49 dije ahora si estos les roban a todos,
Después me acorde que el vídeo no se grabo en Latinoamérica y deje de adivinar quién le roba a quién jajaja
is there ever a lead vehicle with a huge stereo system blasting this song just so all dancer's performance gets enhanced during the video
Why is it that when I looked up “British girl song” this popped up
So fucking generic👎👎👎😰
Yo find this I put “British girl song” I was trying to find something different but this is just..... uhm😂
Got dam i miss NYC, this was like 2 blocks from where i live. I remember when this video had 2000 views....
It's like bad techno meets come on eileen
Serious quality
I don't like that dance
Omg I remeber this from so long ago 😭
long island city
I literally searched up "woman with ginger hair dancing on the street" because I didn't know the name of the song and this came up
And they said white girls can't dance...
Adoro este video sin tanta presuncion
K música mas idiota
Gostosinha até.💜
People don't understand cinematography and the ppl it takes to accomplish continuous shot ..nice!