Klopp's Long-Term Plan At Liverpool | TALKING REDS

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Klopp's Long-Term Plan At Liverpool | TALKING REDS

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Klopp's Long-Term Plan At Liverpool | TALKING REDS Lfc plan......usually is .....under moores /parry Stay in cushy jobs.
Fsg. ...must add better players ....midfield looks 🤔🤔
Add striker (goal hanger slag )
Get a CB to help vvd.
List below .....
Every Liverpool fan and any true football supporter need to see this.
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If we win the League this season it will be the greatest triumph. I saw all those teams in the 70s and 80s, but we rarely had quite this level of opposition. And, needing close to 100 points to win it is, frankly, insane. This mid-season break is vital, re-charge and go again. We can win FA Cups later. We are soon facing weekends when City play before us, the lead likely to be cut down to 1 point. We need to be mentally strong, do our job. We can do this. What a club.
this channel deserves 100k subs
markovic is the human equivalent of the Bielefeld conspiracy
love the banter
i'd play the kids against Bayern
going out of the cups is always a blessing
klopp's 5 year plans have always payed off
Lazar will not be missed
Bielsea is a perfectionist
Neil what are you wearing
When Neil makes that comment about you don't have to actually listen to everything TAW produces, is he being serious?!! I often find myself refreshing the page waiting for new content!!
You two have good chemistry I like watching you two!
Isn't Markovic banished from training with U23s and now trains alone after he turned down a loan move to Anderlecht because they would not match his current wages? So yes, someone did think they could use him, but Lazy Lazar wanted to take the extra money rather than fulfill his career.
We can laugh at Bielsa, but when did Leads last top their division? They lead by one point, with a game in hand.
Guys what do you think about Philippe Coutinho leaving Barcelona and would Liverpool (Klopp) take him back or let him go to another PL team?
That was a quality Talking Reds, keep up the great work everyone
boss jumper!!!!
remember neymar said we wouldn’t even get top 4