Korn - Insane (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Korn - Insane (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Korn - Insane (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Dominated by your sound B)
in our minds not radio should be kept inside our heads
best album ever
this Song is on of the many reasons Why i Love this amazing band
nossa a historia do clipe e dahora parece q a morte ocorre por causa da camera a alma dele foi levada tambem por isso q ninguem consegue descobrir o caso show korn show de bola
This should be a film!!
1:49 Did she flash a peace sign? XD
How the hell does she stay so still the whole time, and she does not look like she is even faking she is dead, she really looks dead. and 2:25 - 2:28 tho.
Cameraman - Rob Zebrecky (He was on Penn and Teller)
i'm obsessed.
1:32 Maria Skłodowska Curie?
when u keep it in but I know korn is my escape but I know the truth but nobody wants to listen why should I I hide behind myself. korn saves me but I'm mental. trust no one nobdy cares but I get kicked and told don't worry.
Linkin Park should learn from Korn. They getting harder and harder for every each albums.
post mortem photography= NUT
A new SCP has been identified.
In Victorian times they actually used to take photos of the dead. this was because the cameras used were slow and it was also a way of dealing with the grief of death. There is also a mental condition that can cause you to see the dead as if they were able to move and speak.

Also that taxidermy deer with the house inside it was fucking awesome and I want one
this is masterpiece