Korn - Never Never

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Korn - Never Never

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Korn - Never Never right now theres dust on my guitar you fuck....and for that u suck
OK I get the whole you're never taking David back but this song/video sucks in more ways than I can imagine
WWE TLC:tables, Ladders & Chairs 2013
f*&k all coments... I like it
Wow I heard this song before, but never never knew it was korn
Electric Six - when I get to the green building
buen video y buenas rollas de su Cd. ya se habian tardado
Fuck what anyone thinks, I'll rep Korn until death
Miner School
The beginning is like the song midnight of the RHCP.
But i like it.
I found this in the album/playlist of FFDP's Wrong Side of Heaven... Vol. 1 on the Topic channel. Not complaining, but I don't really think it goes there...
shit still good 🔥🔥🖒
Love this song has gotten me thru alot of shit been listening to korn since 96 and will till they retire or I die 🤘🤘
Liar 2.0
i hope that thay go back to metal music i still like the song tho
They could make fart sounds and dub music over it, while JD yells over the mic and I would still listen to it! From Start to Finish, imma KORN fan.
yes this is my favorite song from Five Finger Death Punch's Wrong Side of Heaven album