Korn - Never Never

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Korn - Never Never

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Korn - Never Never Best ROCK band !!!
I think some crazy!
I cant read the survey I am saying hello take care and I get me a guy get counter oh hi and oh dont work to hard never worry I I'll try not two one is plenty may get the Penn out this summer or something n e one understand this
Hope the ride was comfortable for ya today and I dont mean to be so corny but its korn MF
Love this song😈😈😈
I recomended play days gone for play station4
I really like this song Never Never ❤️♥️❤️🎸🥃🚬🤘👅💙💛👅💋💋💋💋💋💋
Good music em meu filho
that guitar riff is BANGIN!
Brilliant band. Very underrated. Brian "Head" Welch is certainly one of the best musicians ever.
exquisite editing, conceptual rendering...and just downright badass!
2020 anyone ?!
18 years old. loved this song since i was 10. has real meaning to me now.
Mother bothering me all day.
Just songs , I bully stealers in my neighborhood or annoy people in Facebook with music , I can sing with feeling not meaning anything special to me.
I’ll never love again...
Lana del Rey is my Partner
great tuneage!
ok votons , qui aime , qui n'aimes pas .... ????
perso je kifff