Korn - Never Never

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Korn - Never Never

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Korn - Never Never LOL why is korn in ffdp album HAHA HAHA😂 I'm CRYING got really confused HAHA I'm DYING
Que son esas putadas??
I love all of their songs...this one's one of my favorites, as this, and others, helped me through my divorce
Haven't heard this in a couple years, but it's still great shit. Un-mistakeable Korn. Wish there was more real music left instead of the bullshit too many people THINK is music....but ain't.
Great fucking song
As big fan of Korn since 1999 and on, I love this!
This song means a lot to me, been hurt many times.
korn got neutered here. These lyrics have to be top 10 worst of all time. and i like Korn, have since 1994.
Cool video!
WWE TLC 2013 Official theme song, awesome!
thanks korn
gives me a 90s feel and A moving on to better things.
sounds like a break through.
What if Korn realized people like songs like this instead of that nu-stuff. Ever think about that.
I never love again 😄😄😄
( Good Song )
Brings me back to freshman year
Y the hell is this in a five finger playlist