Korn - Rotting In Vain (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Korn - Rotting In Vain (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Korn - Rotting In Vain (OFFICIAL VIDEO) So much like their original sound... Their music connected with me during some of the roughest times in my childhood... As I explored momentary obsessions with other genres i kinda drifted away from Korn's music. It is fuckin awesome to hear that John Davis and the boys are still pumping out great music with proper homage to their roots. They strayed the path a few times but man, this is greaaaatt...
Tommy Flanagan from Game of Thrones! <3
Uh, Jack boy...
5623 dislikes? What fucking idiots!!!!!
honestly korn just overwhelmed me with their last album. Props to them, wish them all the best to them to produce more kickass albums and material.
ghost toms @ 2:00 :D
припев готов слушать бесконечно, остальное фигня, имхо))
Bringing back 90s music clips
This is utterly shit......... Thank god I was a young teen in the early 90´s and had the chance to get to know REAL metal, because the shit they make today is not worth listening to!
It has that same feeling I use to get as teen years very rare you get something like this in a lifetime
Fuck the 5K people who disliked this.
this dudes hot ass breath woke up the whole damn house
I saw KoRn perform this song in Las Vegas this year. You have not experienced metal until you hear this song played live from the mosh pit. Fucking brutal at its finest.
sounds like TWIST 2:40
chibbs, mah irish boi
welcome back KoЯn. i've waited this so much
Do you hear lady's voice from 1:20? Or im just insane?