Korn - Thoughtless

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Korn - Thoughtless

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Korn - Thoughtless 3:40 pachuco
oh hi pinkman
4 000 thoughtless mind
damn jesse smoked a horrible batch
R.I.P Denise Davis
What if jesse was in this song in the show and thats how he has so many freinds
best ! 2018
I' m Sorry, but i like the evanescence cover the most
Got my bucket back against the wall????
I take it these dudes got fucked with in school. That's alright they got the final laugh.
Breaking Bad prequel
Thought that dude was about to go shooting but not sure what that was........................
Aaron Paul? Jajajaj
That point is not to be emo about it,believe in yourself follow science, blow shit up,kill fagots in your school and say it "wasn't me"
This reminds me of the Lardass scene from "Stand By Me"
so far, the best korn song's... coment from 2018
That bitch’s titties had eyes...
Im 12. I have gone through this shit and still going. When people hear this for the first time they are a lil disgusted by the lyrics. (Not all of you). And im furious man. All of this shit that they've done to you because of 1 or 2 fucking reasons? In my case. Im 136 pounds (68 kilograms) and thats why they are bullying me. And im strong. Like very strong and they are cussing and doing shit like that and what can i do? Every time i punch em im grounded in home and in detention in class. I made them bleed one time at a party. I came to my friends party and they tried to throw me to his pool! (I came looking good with nice clothes and hair with cream and everything cuz he was and is my best friend) when they tried i took a long step. Came to the side and pushed them all (1 in the water and 2 on the ground) then i knew it was my chance. I punched both of the people in the ya know what and face several times. They bled. And i kicked the one in the water. My friend hated them. He cursed me and pushed me and "dragged" mw to his room. And then he told me he didnt mean any of that. I haven't been in school for a week and a half and then when i came i got busted. And punched several times. The thing is my fat is an advantage. Because they are preety weak and its hard to make me bleed. Then they told the teacher about what happend in the party and i had to get a detention. (This fuckin school says that they dont have anything to do with whats happening outside the school. Somehow. I STILL GOT A DETENTION) and from there i didnt get close to em. And they kept on bullying me. For 5 months i got punched every 2 or 3 days. Like the teachers care. Even she likes them more. And when they get 70 and i get 95 on an exam. She says to em: "well its a fine grade. Dont worry! You will have better luck next time!". And she says to me: "Jonathan... You got 95 yeah yeah you are smart..." (literally) i just wanna see my body one time with no scars or no scratches. I have only one wish! Dont hurt me! Like i might be. A crying baby but all of the rage that you pack and cant relieve is killing me! Just like Jonathan davis.