Korn - Thoughtless

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Korn - Thoughtless

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Korn - Thoughtless aaron paul looks so hot in this
If that guy were me. Those fuck bags woulda been killed and gave to Satan as I piss on their corpses
Jesse!!! come back to braking bad
Gosh blast from the past 🔥 🔥 🔥
This was a good come back when it came out, KoRn wasn’t the same after issues but this song is good😊
This one is really growing on me. As long as he keeps making music I'm happy!
I'm so thankful I made it through school without having to worry about bullies!!! When I look at it everyone at my highschool was pretty reasonable :/ Athletes weren't stereotypical assholes or anything, sure some people were rude now and then, but overall it wasn't that bad... That being said I was rarely at school D: I was so stupid back then I wish I could go and beat the crap out of myself and tell myself to focus! Oh well life is still good, I just think I could've done more with the time I was given. That's the advice to any young person I have, time is FINITE don't waste it. Try and do more and more, the more work you do the better life will be. If you ever feel stressed WORK, if you ever feel weak WORK, if you ever feel depressed or bored WORK, train do whatever you have to. Work and training will never ever betray you, you will always become just a little bit better or smarter after a long day of work!
When in doubt, puke it all out
Warning: 3:08 Inminent headbanging
Bakersfield bitches
....maybe I should keep my trap shut.
...I seriously think ALL schools should shut down...and let parents teach their children at HOME. Schools are DANGEROUS these days. Its a playground for danger.
I was bullied in school too. Now im grown.
where is the guy that was writting the lyrics?😳
God I feel old, this was popular when I was in 9th grade, (2002).
Goddamn look at how young Aaron Paul is in this video!
X-Files anyone??? Actor is also in episode of X Files
Those who have been bullied can relate to this video so much it hurts.
Aaron Paul is so good at playing the outsider
Clean up your shit Todd!!!