Korn - Thoughtless

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Korn - Thoughtless

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Korn - Thoughtless This was my anthem for telling people to go fuck themselves when I was in school. The Untouchables cd didn't leave my Walkman for a year.
Реально хіт
Why did vevo censor the word TRIGGER?
Does anyone else think the guitar on this sounds a little bit like Nirvana in bloom, especially at the opening? (Not a complaint an observation)
la bateria suena de la puta mare!
I have always love Jonathan Davis
Me bullied since I was a toddler until maybe 6th grade
one of my biggest regrets is not standing up against my bullies, fuck them all.
Jesse ese compa ya está muerto nomás no le han avisado.
Intocables ♡
I can relate to this
The face inside is right beneath the skin…
a da Amy Lee é melhor
Yea i was bullied in high school and all i had to do was vomit on him and uumm yea...he dont bully me anymore.
What is censored in Photo 03:01 ?
any video with projectile vomiting in it is ok in my books!
Jesse Pukeman