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Korn - Thoughtless

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Korn - Thoughtless who was in highschool when this song came out? and who listened to it everyday?
That's okay Jesse, Heisenberg will take care of the bullies!!
Untouchables was probably Korn's last great LP. Korn still had some cool shit after that, but Untouchables was solid straight through.
I've always hated this video, but good song.
I understand now how Jesse Pinkman became the person he is today 🤣 #BreakingBad #JessePinkman
When creepy guys hit on me at work, I just want to puke all over the whole room, like this movie
Can we get the uncensored version please?
The Government should really let us get a day where we kill Bully, rapist of all types and etc... thats life changing bad..
Gran tema. Korn es lo maximo!!!.
Korn is awesome and i love this song however I love Evanescence's cover better. Part of it is because Amy is my favorite singer of all time.
Omg this is censored?!?!?! F@,? this!! Thumbs down.
Damn! I love that KICK!
This song is so powerful in tie with the music video. So under rated.
Where's the uncensored version of this and can you turn it up a bit?
I just love this shot of teeth gritting on 0:31
It sums up the whole situation so well, I can't even
Everything else is pretty much unnecessary, cause this barely a second long shot conveys the whole situation
Too bad he didn`t portrayed a role in Love and Meth
I hate to say it but I like the Evanescence version better. I'm a huge fan of both Korn and Evanescence. Was introduced to Korn when I was 12 and seen them live 3 times. But Amy Lee just seems to sing it with more.. heart? I guess you could say. I dunno.