Ladder 49- Shine Your Light

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Ladder 49- Shine Your Light

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Ladder 49- Shine Your Light the best
Code for a Fallen Fire Fighter: Meet you on the top floor.....
I have been to calls to get a text from my wife saying come home safe
Shine ur light
Sip I like you as a friend jack mores
I was crying whenever I see this
This movie breaks my heart every time I see it.The soundtrack is pretty emotional too
I am 16 years old Im going to the marines when older after high school then become a firefighter. Thank you all who serve help and protect it is greatly appreciated.
who sings this?
If I were a fire fighter I’d hate to walk a funeral without one of my brother by my side
Top top esse filme!!! Brasil 2018
i was there when they filmed this scene in Baltimore on gorsuch ave. baltimore was bad but not as bad now.the most dangerous city in America.dam i made 20 years in the worst city in this country
My grandpa is a fire man and so is my uncle and my other uncle and my dad are all firemen
My dad is a fireman
I have this movie.
That slow salute 💔
anyone in 2018 ?? this song never gets old
In memory of Joshua Marks..
The 218 dis-likes can suck a dick. One of the best songs in my opinion. My uncle died back in December, and This song makes me think of all the great memories I had with him. Love ya forever uncle john. Rest easy!!!