Ladder 49- Shine Your Light

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Ladder 49- Shine Your Light

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Ladder 49- Shine Your Light This song came when my late husband Frank.died on June 7 2013
They are real life heros .
I've been a firefighter since 2002 and wouldn't wanna do anything else. I care about my stations and my fellow fireman and women!! I got my EMT in 2004 and between firefighting and being an EMT I wouldn't wanna do anything else ever!! I love it and care so much for what I do and the people I'm helping!! It makes me feel better!!
This is a very beautiful video though!! I just can't watch it very often bcuz I cry so much when I do!!😥😭
Such an we eye buster!! I've been through fire company funerals like this and it is incredibly hard!! I'm not saying a normal funeral isn't just as hard to go through!! I think fire company or police department funerals tend to hit you in a different way!! I they did for me bcuz they were close friends!!
I love your song
My dad has worked in Weston for 33 years and in 2 years he retires. The IAFF sends out magazines every month. I can’t wait to see him in the retirement section. The retirement section is big and the last call page is half the size of it
That first step of john travolta on the formation 0:56 always gets me into teara. 😢😭
Proud to be a firefighter for three years now! Snappy Salute to our fallen brothers. May Your light will always shines on us. 🚒🚒🚒🚑🚨
The step grandson, stepson of retired OKC firefighters and i myself was a Navy DC (damage controlmen)
أحب دائما استمع الغنيه هاي كلش حلوه وتدخل للقلب بسرعه ❤❤❤
le mie piu sentite condoglianze a tutte quelle famiglie che hanno perso il proprio caro se vi posso essere vicino vi mando un abbraccio dolcissimo a tutti voi ma non perche e natale perche dopo tutto tutti abbiamo bisogno di abbracci che ci fanno sentire vicino agli altri
anche il mio amico aveva 25 anni e morto servendo roma come pomliere e a servito con onore il il nostro pese e meritera sempre il mio massimo rispetto e onore
i pompieri sono i miei idoli e i miei salvatori della mia vita se un maledetto pom non arrivavano loro io rimanevo sotto un camion che mi ha tagliato la strada e loro mi hanno salvato la vita
questo video mi rende molto triste quando muore il primo pompiere ti senti morire anche tu anche un mio amico e andato a fare il pompiere a roma e il giorno dopo e morto non sapete il dolore che provo e un dolore fortissimo
My dad is a firefighter
The real superheroes is not superman or wonderwoman. They are the ordenary people you see everyday. They risk their lives to save ours. Doctors, police, and firefighters save countless lives everyday and they should be commemorated.
This song came on my TV when late husband died on june7, 2013.
Excellent movie really goes into depth what fireman go through well done guys and girls keep up the good work
Best movie overall I used to cry at the end of this movie when I watched it as a kid. Watched it atleast 8 times and I’m 15 now. The whole fire fighter thing is kinda in my past but now I want to be a police officer and I’m doing everything I can at my age