Ladder 49- Shine Your Light

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Ladder 49- Shine Your Light

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Ladder 49- Shine Your Light i love music
I am a firefighter in Germany my father is a firefighter, too. My grandfather was a firefighter, too. I have a lot of respect for them
As a junior firefighter, I gotta admit this scene always makes me cry. I pray we don't loose our brothers & sisters the next time we here that bell go off.
God bless all the women and men who go out every day protecting us and never know if they are going to make it home to their families. God bless and prayers to all .
Can never listen to this song or watch the funeral scene in this movie without getting teary eyed. So moving and the song was the perfect choice.
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This is my favorite song. My family are all firefighters except for me, my mom and my aunt. Growing up my family was big in the firehouse. RIP my grandfather, my father and my best friends. Thanks for what you do in the firehouse
engine CO. 14 Richmond. Virginia good decent men and women were there when I needed them.
I can't found this song on ITunes unfortunately
this is a good movie a real showing of the hard work me and my fellow brother and sisters go through
it sad when you lose good men
i turned in my application to become a junior firefighter today and i hope i can become part of the amazing brotherhood that comes with the responsibility of being a firefighter
Don't call me a hero when I save someone's life cause I'm not I was doing the job I love I salute all the fallen brothers and sisters of the fire departments
my dad was a firefighter and now hes a dispatcher and when he dies i would want to put him on top of the fire truck and do the same thing on this movie for him and have them ring the bell to welcome him home say his full name and his old number and have them give me his helmet and the American flag and have his bag where all fallen firefighters bags go and have dispatched say his name
im a volunteer firefighter and it's not always easy seeing what I see or do what I do especially being 17 doing it but I love helping my community
we put are butts on line everyday
The Guy makes me think i'm hear Bruce Springsteen sing
These Noble Heroes. These Honorable Champions. These Brave Guardians. All of them fight so we don't have to. Thank You.