Lady Gaga - John Wayne

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Lady Gaga - John Wayne

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Lady Gaga - John Wayne шлюухааа$$$$$$$
The cinematography looks so cool but the cuts just don't work at all, imo. Maybe it's what they went for but the editing is kind of hard to look at.
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1. I’ll Never Love Again
2. G.U.Y
3. Marry The Night
4. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
5. Always Remember Us This Way
6. Til It Happens To You
7. Beautiful Dirty Rich
8. John Wayne
9. Look What I Found
10. Joanne
Mood while playing ashe
I just saw, 7 rings by Ariana Grande, and it's almost similar to John Wayne
The views stuck at 34M for so long. Why Youtube dont fix it?
7 rings right? Lol
John Wayne Gacy???
i love how hysteric this video is
So underrated
Pérola injustiçada.
BEST song ever when your riding a horse
Best Gaga's video ever ❤
The final escenes of this video remind me of the TV series <1000 WAYS TO DIE>... and THE FINAL DESTINATION as well... 😁
What's the meaning of this video?