Lady Gaga - Judas

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Lady Gaga - Judas

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Lady Gaga - Judas 2019 and still in love with this queen :D
Who else came here just for Norman Reedus?
This video is So beautiful. Norman Reedus looks like he had fun. (reason I came here). Just looking at the date of release in 2011. Not long after Norman was in "Boondock Saints II" in 2009.
why did i wath it, it was totaly shit
wow this song is amazing
Daryl 🤤😍
Why is Daryl there. Now I known what he did before the virus
No mames es daryl😲
Ese chico se parece a daryl😮
lady Gaga AND gloria Trevi the queens of pop
1:06 someone can explain what is she doing? :v
2:06 Raging Dog from the Arrow series

2:08 Norman Reedus From TWD

Wow! Norman Reedus is here!
2:39 Hii Darylll <3 "The Walkind Dead"
0:54 -that's Darryl!