Lady Gaga - Judas

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Lady Gaga - Judas

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Lady Gaga - Judas Мразь!
kreennn abiss.....👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Me encanto
The very beginning is the best
weree's lord gaga ????
I'm getting a 2000s version of Madonna here
I do anything u want lol
OCT 2018 ? ...
Lady gaga plz check my pic and I play music to plz give me a chance....
Esto acabe de amenizar mi peda
If Beyonce did this song along with its accompanying video, many people would have been here to give their unsolicited opinions about its symbolic meaning and all that crap, but it's lady gaga(and she's white) everyone is overlooking the fact that this is sheer blasphemy and the song was actually In mockery of Jesus
performance 🔊🔊👌👌
tfoooo à à la bnadma
1980-1900 and 2005-2013 had all the bops in them. now we have ridiculous rap songs #takemeback
Btw who came here only to see okay?
This song gives a lot of messages to our society