Lana Del Rey - Ride

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Lana Del Rey - Ride

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Lana Del Rey - Ride “I got a war in my mind, so I just ride” dammm deep.
this is the most beautiful thing. omg. I just get nostalgic and like crazy with this song. idk what it is. it is enchanting.
I am fucking crazy...

But I am free
She has a solid fan base. Especially since her fans r the reason I watched this
God, what a barf bag song.
But who were the violin players?
The best song she has ever done !!
how can a human just be so perfect? 😭
This song makes me wanna change my goals in life...
just can't stop listening to the monologue, it's like how could I even stay alive before hearing this
There is no use to talk to people who have a home💔🌹
3:27 is when the music starts, if you wanted to skip the intro
Come on for 100M
oh honey that monologue
Kid rock really let himself go in the beginning of this vid ..
2018 💜
chika rokera fan de pappo
I cry at this. It reminds me so much of my former self and life
I'm tired of feelin' like I'm fxcking crazy <3