Lana Del Rey - Ride

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Lana Del Rey - Ride

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Lana Del Rey - Ride It's my story... Sometimes u just have to ride cuz the life is not a fairly tale. ...
Always, be the best version of yourself you can be.
I want everything about Lana's alter ego.
I fucken love you Lana. Im pissed you aren't coming to SF Bay anytime soon. I wanted to see you in Nevada earlier buuuut shit happens. Next time..
3:22 song starts
Mas aburrido
Live fast
Die young
Be wild
Have fun
this song means everything to me. other songs might bring one or two good memories back, while Ride encapsulates every light in my life all at once. may it never lose it's power to make me feel so strongly <3
She's amazing!
“But upon an *Unfortunate series of events*”

I don’t know if she included the book series on purpose or not but if she did, I love her even more than I could do before.
she seems so free man i wish i could just not care about stuff, just sing
You guys this song is really art and the video clip is beautiful but am I the only one thinking seeing her with old men is kinda creepy/disgusting? 🤐
If I had a million dollars I would spend it all on a gas money just to get from one place to the next and never stop
You guys make an amazing band with the weeknd please more music you guys are the best
yeah getting drunk and pointing guns ,the right combination
best female video ever
Lana of david king davidd
bitches lana