Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video) Very Good cover. However the original by Snow Patrol will remain better to me.
Where is she?
I fell worry
She is amazing. What a voice
Sending love from Nepal
You have such a good voice Leona
That little single note at 2:00 is always my favourite part of this fine song.
decades later and she's still one of my favorite artists and one of my favorite songs❤❤
Best voice in the world
Leona Lewis 💖❤️💛
Ha ha when in doubt ...
She O.K. I swear!
She is the best
This is the best cover song ever.
hauntingly beautiful.
2017 ❤
drinking my sorrows away to this
I think Leona lewis has a beautiful voice plus she is goregous
I love dies song !