Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video) I just LOVE Leona Lewis!! She is AMAZING!!
Steve your post touched my heart!! To have a love like you and your wife did is simply AMAZING! She is FOREVER in your heart always with you!! Leona is simply amazing!! Thanks for sharing!
Absolute shite, ruined a great song.
Beautiful voice but dull music,
Attraverso la sua voce chiedevo aiuto ma nessuno mi sentiva
Ho pianto tantissimo sulle note di questa canzone ho provato un dolore cosi lacerante al cuore che riaffiora ogni volta che la ascolto
I used to prefer snow patrols original.
That's still class but I was with this girl one night.
Outside in her garden. Summer night. A wood burner going.
The moment was pretty perfect.
Beautiful voice ! I love it ! Good for the soul !
So fine special song fantastic thank kiss from Germany
The holy man or origin guys donot hold the other babier it wills broken back bone of whole body , it think you're is... .
She has a beautiful voice!😋❤️❤️😋
2018.. im still listen to this song..who else same
Dieses LIED liebe ich
i love you leona im like the way you sing
So beautiful❤️
Beautiful song 😘I'm in love this song 😊
😱😱😱😱😱 2009 ?
That is sad she put no effort into it she just stole snow patrols great work
This version has class....no screaming here.