Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video) I like her song and sound have a power Love you Leona lewis
Beautiful Song. Heard it the day my marriage died. Love is sooo powerful but losing it really sucks! Hearing this song again brings back those memories. So it sucks!! Lol
another absolutely great song. Leona is a gift
Prefer the snow patrol version tbh but each to their own, love Gary's raw voice
Decent cover, but Snow Patrol doesn't need all the theatrics and Mariah Carey-esque high notes to make you feel things. This version is just a production and I find it far less authentic and moving than the original
The greatest voice in pop music with depth. And soul sing girl sing your song. Love always
In every casting show (x factor, ...) is always one person who sings this song.
I Will Always Love This Song Its Amazing Choice
2019 and still don’t get old
this is beautiful people. stop pressing that dislike button jeez
2019 ❤️ This song reminds me of brother and best friend who died 😔
2:54 So sublime
No, i fight until...
10 anos se passaram e eu ainda me emociono com essa canção.
not bad, but the original of snow patrol is so much better
Maximum sensitivity!
Unique Interpretation!
     From Romania.