Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video) who came her because Edward Reid BGT 2011?
genuinely curious, who here came from TVD and who came from x factor and there on after
this song was used at my mum's funeral and I will never for get my mum as she meant a lot to me I even cry when listing to this song
BEAUTIFUL! A beautiful beautiful woman's voice Beautiful song 💕💕💕
Love You
legendary song
Who still listening in 2017?
Deppression & anxiety has been hell in my life. thankyou Leona for songs like this. I love to sing but I don't get to in an actual microphone helps my brain but no one wants to be around people like me disabled & a brain injury
omg such a powerful song makes u think
.....touched by the wings of god.........so ephemeral..so everlasting......from bb with luv.....kiss..bok
what a  great song
Wow this is beautiful..
watch it pls https://youtu.be/-uGI1VyhD2Y?list=RDfvw2SHxQ7G0
She sounds EXACTLY the same during live performances.. thats how good she is.. God bless
Namaste.. We are always given what we need. if we open our eyes I so love 'I See You" I shall play this when I
m playing LOTRO. Thank you.
This song is simply amazing
La donna più bella del mondo
I love I love eu amo