Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video)

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Leona Lewis - Run (Official Video) gente...no 1:06 da música....preste atenção que atrás dela parece um pessoa deitada...como se estivesse morta ou dormindo. ..como se fosse um tipo de mensagem subliminar. ..alguém mais viu?
As if this song will be 10 years old next year 😭
Có ai người Việt Nam mà còn nghe bài này không??
WOW She is talented love her vocals.
Looking forward to the next full.moon. then the powers of osiris and isis an be United.
Shes soo beautiful tho!!
She should be ashamed... she ruined a classic then retired as soon as she gets some money.
wherever you are Leona you are an inspiration to many people, please keep on singing.
My beautiful mum passed away on Thursday night 14Th of June 2018 & I am absolutely devastated. I am heart broken and my head is up my arse.. this song means alot to me.. sweet dreams my beautiful Angel. Love you so much hunni and I'll never forget how good a mother you were. Love your wee Bella
Ceras einsb wtqvs ebsad veium erfsi. Iesmy ektsa ewba gresa eoig
Lekms euisy eyral lyeas bers rews - vekds oeigu
light up even if I can not hear your voice rip gbnf Robert ferguson 😇😇😇😇 always in thoughts you were simply one best guys I've known n brilliant uncle 2 my boys 😴😴😇😇😇
for all the fighting blacks and whites do with each other they sure do make a beauty when you mix them together LOL
2018 😍😍😍
Everytime I here this song it reminds me of my dog Lona who passed away many years ago 😭