Lil Peep - The Brightside

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Lil Peep - The Brightside

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Lil Peep - The Brightside The woman looks so scared at 2:00
I know you hate to read this in a comment section but I really think you should hear me out! if you like this type of music you should really check out my new song called 'Tell Me' it has a Lil Peep vibe and I'm sure u wouldnt be dissapointed.. It only takes a minute and u might just discover a new artist u like! 🙏 🔥 💯
RIP Lil Peep
lil peep ded 😭
Help me find a way to pass the time ❤️rip legend
We'll definitely see you again
rest easy angel, i love you ✨💖
Miss you gus 😩😩😩
All of his songs were bangers. He was going to blow up big time this year
Been on peep b4 he died. But only a few months b4 he died. Nd I'm addicted to u. I will pick up where u left off Lil Peep
R.I.P peep
Music is 🔥🔥
R.I.P li peep love ur music sooo much still
Lil Peep, the best!
I wish that I discovered him by clicking on his music in my recommendeds. I wish I became a fan of him and followed him through his journey in the underground scene. I wish that I saw him perform in a sold-out stadium in 2 years time, now the biggest name in rap. But instead, I had to discover him by going on the trending list on Twitter that morning, and finding out he died at age 21