Lily Allen | Not Fair (Official Video)

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Lily Allen | Not Fair (Official Video)

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Lily Allen | Not Fair (Official Video) Who's the drummer? 😍
1:11 Was macht Karl von Kraftklub in dem Video?!
What did I just watch?
the song is definedly about the drummer
Questa musica somiglia moltissimo a "this is the life" di Amy Macdonald
The band guys are looking to her, like: about who is she talking about?
Damn... I was singing about sex when I was little.

I never knew.
57,212,944 views (that's a good number); that's a really beautiful song, about level 7:51 (in 7:52); so true, I want to be so much nicer, and it's too hard to get through about how much they're torturing me, and you're somewhere else, as am I; is there sense in that? At least the number adds 9 without getting anywhere. I hope we can be friends, because you're so wonderful, and I want to save the age waiting in our future, so that you will always have the right to be free and kind - kinder than I'd deserve if I didn't want you so badly. There are people around me, 7:50's, and they aren't seemingly even responsive; people have been "gone" the next day; the future is changing things, but I am the future, and there is evil. Thank you. Incredbily beautiful. And so much caring truth in the background.
Pink floyd
seriously ever song is about sex, even ones you never thought.
.the guy looks like he said "what are you doing?"
this song brings me back to 2009 when it was on the radio 24/7
When I was little I used to think this song was about a perfect couple, but the girl just wanna fight with her boyfriend
this song ❤