Lily Allen - Not Fair

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Lily Allen - Not Fair

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Lily Allen - Not Fair fuck I sang this song all the time when I was younger
who washing this in 2017.#mexx
Yeah Fair enough lol
Omg I finally find this song... I heard this ten years ago when I was in Florida and then I've lost it
Fucking disgusting left wing CUNT.
Embarrassment to England.
she is the only person who could make a song about a bloke who is shit in bed and make it sound so lovingly
Como canta......VOZ PRECIOSA.Como ella.
cadê o pessoas do BR
No wonder the drummer is nearly sleeping, this is a nursery rhyme with Lily Allen playing what she is good at....a slut.
She is so hot!!!
I just wanted to know the drummers name, think I've got a crush on him right now
Anyone else thinks the chickens resemble cock
So much irony and creativity..😂😂😂😂a chicken riding a cow...if you know what i mean!!! And the weird looking guys!!
da sieht man den Po durch
Pity she can't keep her stupid mouth shut.
I'll take the red head
I love this song when I was little I didn't know it was dirty 😂😂😂
That's why I prefer to be a jerk and being a tiger in the bed!!!!
so fucking true Pmsl hilarious