Lily Allen | Not Fair (Official Video)

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Lily Allen | Not Fair (Official Video)

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Lily Allen | Not Fair (Official Video) my dad still call this song "the cow song" lmao
Lol I was obsessed with this song when it came out, can't believe that was almost ten years ago!
This is about my ex i quess
Is that post malone in the back?
I really didn’t understand these lyrics when I was 8
Makes me think of my ex boyfriend 😂
I love the fact it keeps zooming in on cocks.
lol love the drummer .. he looks bored shitless hahaha
Drummer isnt having any of her shenanigans.
Looking for this song from 9 years, 9 FUCKEK YEARS. 9 YEARS. There's no word abut, only tears. I'll remember day.
2030 ..who else is here ?
It's great too see that not all female pop singers have to walk around like strippers in their music video's. 😅🤔
this song is fire!
from bounce united
Its been so long since I've listened to this song
OMG it's Sky Williams 3:21
So excited to see her next week!!!😭🙌🏼
3:18 in math class xd
1.36 she said,Oh I lie here in the wet patch
In the middle of the bed
I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by
I spent ages giving head WTF!
shame shes a fucking sjw Lmaooooooooo