Little Mix - Touch (Official Video)

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Little Mix - Touch (Official Video)

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Little Mix - Touch (Official Video) Perrie is sexy
Where r all these hnsm boys frm
Why everyone in the comments is talking about Perrie's outfit?
If u ever do a tour plz come to the Channel Islands Guernsey
2019 any one?
Jesy's energy demands to be felt
Hyuna x 4= Little Mix(if u know what kpop is)
2019 anyone?????
Damn,they have great curves

2019 everyone?
2️⃣ years of touch
2 Years!😢
It is my touch #LITTLEMIX
1:02 who ever edited Jesy’s thigh really needs to take a seat. Jesy is beautiful inside and out like leave her alone!!
Happy 2 years Touch! This song will never be forgotten by me
Who is here before 2 years of the release?
All of them look nice😱😱.....
Elas são lindas mais eu amo a jade
2019 anyone????