Lord Huron - The Night We Met (Lyric Video)

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Lord Huron - The Night We Met (Lyric Video)

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Lord Huron - The Night We Met (Lyric Video) I'm going to get hate for this but 13rw is a toxic show that is inaccurate in its portrayal of suicide and mental illness. It really needs to be cancelled. There has already been at least one copycat suicide, and since a 3rd season is coming, there could be more to happen. It also tends to cause relapses of symptoms in mentally ill patients in the process of recovering. Therapists and patients alike agree on its inaccuracy of its representation of mentally ill people. Fans of the show who aren't mentally ill or don't have to suffer because of it will go to the ends of the earth to defend the show, even to the point of ignoring the consequences of airing a show like this and attacking those who suffer saying that they need to "buck up and fix themselves". Mental illness is a real medical issue supported by all in the medical field. I know it's fiction, but fiction DOES shape reality. Think about The Jungle by Upton SinClair. That book was fiction, yet it was extremely influential in making the public aware of the horrors of the meat packing industry, and therefore creating standards to which food and drugs should live up to in order to be consumed by the public. This is just one example of the power that fiction can have to shape reality, and if this show is what people have to go on about mental illness and suicide, then there will be problems. And to those like me who are opposed to the show, don't fault the bands whose music is featured in its episodes. Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest, who had a song featured, and also happens to suffer from mental illness, admitted that he was not given much information about the show, and regretted allowing his song to be played on it after learning how wrong it is about suicide and mental illness. Don't fault them for not receiving the proper information before consenting to sharing their song with the world in what could be a big break.
There are more reasons why NOT!!!!! Don't forget that
I love lord huron so much. ❤️
When you had touched me yet,
Oh take me back to the night we met !
The dance scene in 13 reasons why is possibly the saddest moment in Netflix history. The dance scene is also so ironic, with the lyrics of "I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you." It's very sad :'(
this is My favourite song.
One of my favourite songs...
Am a great fan of this song
Esto es increíble 👏
I had allow you, most of you, some and now none of you..... TAKE ME BACK TO THE TIME I PLAYED THIS SONG RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING....
Most underrated song
13 reasons why 💔💔💔😭😭😭 Hannah e Clay
Clay brought me here :(
I love you Hannah, and I let you go....
“Oh shit I gotta go find clay”
In songs like these I don't understand why they put lyrics because you can hear the words
Just love it
Thank you dale jr #ThisBudsforyou
Again again again

Thank's for recording 2 season 13 resaons why 💓
Take me back to the night we met
Can anybody recommend more songs like this?