Lord Huron - The Night We Met (Lyric Video)

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Lord Huron - The Night We Met (Lyric Video)

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Lord Huron - The Night We Met (Lyric Video) I kissed a girl last night, and i had feelings for her but she didn't have feelings for me
Clay 😭
Hannah 🙏
poor Clay..
Rip hannah (13 reasons why)
sees a cute guy at in n out
me: take me back to the night we met
subtitles: "🎵" deaf people: HELL YEAHHH THIS SOUNDS AMAZING
this slaps
13 Reasons why i like this song...
I'm going to there concert on June 29th in Milwaukee, I can't wait.
This is me and my fiance's song, we may be lke 36 hours away from each other but i love him more than anything. This song reminds us of the night we met and how magical it was, i would never change that day. it was the day i fell in love with him. <3
just plain and simple thank you for the memories I somehow never had 🎇🌇🌄💔
I go into a lot of deep thought when I listen to this song. Such an amazing song!
Someday I will get through all this bad stuff and live a happy life. I want it cause I think I deserve better than this life that I'm living.
Welcome to your tape.
Why? Did I fall for a girl who didn't like me worst feeling ever.
I wish i have perfect life whit out problems and sad memories live whit who i love 😭
I miss you. I really do. I miss how you used to make me smile. Every fucking day, it was like I met you all over again, but also knew you my whole life. It’s crazy how you let me leave like that. And you moved on without hesitation. I’m glad you’re happy with her now. But you made me feel so amazing. Like I was on top of the world. Like I was floating and i just kept going higher. You took me from my lowest lows to my highest highs. I remember when we first met. You look gorgeous, your long blond hair pulled back perfectly. Your smile prettier than ever. Why did I let you go? Come back... please. I miss you so much Georgia. Please... I’m so sorry.
A question. Should I risk my heart for a relationship I believe is gone but worth it?