LP - Lost On You [Live Session]

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LP - Lost On You [Live Session]

Odsłon: 56137846 | Ocena: 299111 | Czas: 5m 9s |



LP - Lost On You [Live Session] es un hombre o una mujer
.. effortlessly calms the storms outta me ..so beautiful ..thank you for this post
better than the original version !!!! wow fantastic
Eu adoro ,esta música a Lina e a Rosa do Piajet escolheram-na com muito amor e carinho para mim . Muitos beijinhos da Diana Raposo 😘
so LP's Wikipedia page uses they/them/their pronouns to address LP and I think everyone in the comment section who used she/her pronouns should respect that
My favorite version ever
About time LP was at Glasto !
ojo con la jeny y el brian
Well, I song love and rhythmical.
The ones that disliked this song must be aliens because I can't think a human who wouldn't LOVE this song.
Ну и дура
Good song but she's (he's) very unprepossessing ...
Starr is born !!!
so beutiful <3
I am so obsessed with this song and her....... her voice is a treat to the soul.
Is that a man or woman singing? Seriously don't know...?
Fyfan vad bra hon sjunger.