M-22 ft. Medina - First Time (Official Music Video)

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M-22 ft. Medina - First Time (Official Music Video)

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M-22 ft. Medina - First Time (Official Music Video) Where are you from?
Good 👍
Awesome song !! First time I see the video and love her voice . Hope she has more songs. I have a single FU audio 15 my whole truck shakes to this song. Has great lows lol. Hope this group brings out more songs..
Hello Turkey...
It was my first time 🤗
Ésta canción me emociona hasta los huesos
que saladitas se me asen la neta estan secas
What does 'it' refer for? lol
Brazill sz
medina suuper muza całuję gorąco😘😘😘😘😘😘
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx😻😘😘beautiful song xXx
Feeling the beat! <3
I absolutely Love Medina since her first single Kung for Mig. Her voice is a song for the ears. This new song is my new obsession, but she doesn't have dancing skills at all.:))) Would love to see her dancing professional.She just dance like teenager in the club:))) sorry just my personal opinion.
Calvin Harris X Rihanna (M-22 Version)
remind me a bit of rihanna this is what you came for
This is AMAZING!!!! 👏👏👏