Madonna - Hung Up (Official Music Video)

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Madonna - Hung Up (Official Music Video)

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Madonna - Hung Up (Official Music Video) Number 1 hit in more than 41 countries!!!!!!!
This song sounds like a fresh breeze!!!!!!
Anyone in 2018????
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#1 hit in more than 41 countries !
Love🎸🎵Madonna♥🎉🎋مافي غير انا اجنبيههههههه هون والباقي مشكل
the song more gay in da world <3
Honestly Madonnas legs looks like mind if I only shaved up to the knee
Gimme gimme gimme more music like this ;)

like if you get it
This song bring me back to 70s time when Travolta dance in disco, when was Abba, Bee Gees, Boney M. End of good music was in 2006, today we have inspid, boring the same pop shit
"Time goes by so slowly". What are you talking about?? I remember this song getting released only a week ago and its been 13 years now!
2018 and I'm still obsessed with this song