Madonna - Hung Up (Official Music Video)

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Madonna - Hung Up (Official Music Video)

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Madonna - Hung Up (Official Music Video) why does she film her vidoes in the UK
yes we get it she's the best selling female artist, every fucking Madonna video
1:12 She mixed Joseph and Caesar's poses in one.
nadie aprobecha la riquesa de esta musica
That Ass......
Amazing... forever!!!
gimme! gimme! gimme!
finally fucking found it. took me way to damn long
Madona was calling names of Donald trump bcs she wants this empowerment of women in which they can show their pussies to the world
She's talking about NASA's time control over you.
madonna no 1
I was very into electronic music by that time,and then this song came out,...i loved it,...the album Confessions is my favorite album ,it's a whole tribute to electronic music,...old and new
Obviously Madonna and Celine Dion are the most successful female artists of all time!!!!!!
She is the greatest queen of pop!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not much of a Madonna fan but this song is a perfect example why she's a legend. Anybody who can stay relevant and keep up with the times through multiple decades is pretty amazing. Plus she knows how to make music that'll catch the ear of more than just her fan base #RESPECT
esta cancion me hace a cordar a pablo de bnt
ring ring ring the telefon
very nice!