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Madonna - Vogue

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Madonna - Vogue in the 80's if you said she would end up being the richest and most successful female pop star of all time, no one would have believed you. Me included.well, done Sweetheart. Your hard work, dare and believe paid off.
There's a guy in there that looks like Ashton Kutcher, and another which looks like Wilmer Valderrama.
Reina de reinas. 👑
Amo esta canción
Amo esta canción
Amo esta canción
i have something to tell you....... Everybody vogue!
عيد سعيد
13/8/2018 +66 #bkk
I am the Author and first Recording Artist of this song. Maddona and John Travolta talked to me about it, they hoped I could dance to it. I couldn't, I was grounded for lives by my guardians, I was only 15 so, Paul Simon did it. I was said to be good. 'Materail Girl' was reqested by her, a song that is more descriptive of her, rather than 'Like a Virgin', I mean Bill she said, you really write that? I blushed and said yes, 'Like a Virgin', Okay? Vouge, let your body move to the music, Fashion, runway, distinctive style, no fads, you can get them elsewhere like with 'MoonWalk'. This one is for Fashion that has been around a while with style and motioin. Move with the music. Do not need or wnat BRA or SEE THRU LACE, it is not appropiate for this song. Fashion, Runway, Move to the Music -Author Bill Berné 1st Berné of Berne,Berne,Switz
som special, belisimos
This was the first video/song that looked/sounded like 90s. A lot of music that year still sounded like leftover 80s.
Madonas bizarre adventure
Dios. Ya 60 años. Mi vida en ella te voy amar toda mi vida
My pretty girlfriend is listening this song by a phone call ❤
David Fincher
Iconic fashion video